5 Tips to Style Your Small Apartment

A small apartment, mini kitchen, a tiny bathroom – if you find your living space as a matchbox and all of this is familiar to you, the following few tips on how to style a small apartment are just for you!

The small apartment needs to be cleverly planned in order to optimize every square inch. If you are living in an apartment with a minimalist size, you should follow some simple tips that will help you turn it into a cozy and pleasant place. This will help you to turn it into a home where you will create lovely memories and enjoy it.

small apartment

1. Plan

Take a measuring tape and measure every corner of your apartment. This is a must especially if you are planning to buy a new fancy sofa. Imagine you invest a huge amount in it and it turns out the sofa is too big for your living room. This will help you to reconsider your choice and budget and invest in a more suitable piece, which if it has a sleeping mode, can save you the need for a bedroom. Thus, you will have a piece of furniture that will successfully fulfill two functions and save you space.

2. Keep it Decluttered 

Once you’ve planned everything you need for interior design, it’s time to settle in, and add the final touch with accessories and small decorative elements. 

An important reminder- don’t clutter your small apartment and always leave plenty of room to move around. You need to leave enough empty space so the good energy can circulate, and you can walk through the furniture easily. 

3. Choose Functional Furniture Pieces

After you have planned, declutter, and organize most of the items you would be able to see if there is a space available and to try different layouts. In order to make the most of the space, you should consider modular and functional furniture that will save you space in any room.

A folding desk or one hidden in a niche, a folding table in the living room or kitchen, a beautiful shelf on the wall, or day beds for an extra sleeping area is an advantage you definitely take. 

A shelf without a back, or a paravane that separates the living room from the bedroom and lets the light in, is a great idea for such small spaces, and besides being functional, it can be beautiful as well.

4. Use Light Colors

Choose light colors that will visually increase the space. Once the main light color is applied, it will be easy to add bright colors to the decoration, which will refresh the look of the apartment.

Remember that the “cold” colors – such as violet, green or blue – are so-called “runaway” colors. They do not attract attention and tend to visually “shrink” the room.

Neutral colors – white, gray, beige, and all their derivatives, as well as warm colors – red, orange, brown, etc. – create the impression of increasing the room.

You can put a carpet and curtains in bright colors that will contrast the light walls and create an extremely beautiful and stylish look for your home.

5. Play with Mirrors 

Another way to add perspective and scale to a room is to use mirrors on the walls. The most commonly used tool to create the illusion of a large space is the mirror. To create such an illusion, however, it must be strategically placed. The trick is to have the mirror reflect the light from the window.

Another important decorative detail is the use of multiple lighting sources to differentiate the spaces in your apartment while adapting to the different activities you will be doing.

Julie Higgins
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