10 Teeth Whitening Myths Debunked

What characterizes a radiant smile? Brilliant white teeth, of course!

But our teeth naturally lose their white sheen over time. Mostly, our eating habits leave our teeth yellowed. 

Beautiful white teeth require maintenance and care. Teeth whitening is one way of restoring the brilliance of your teeth. Teeth whitening products have become quite a craze these days since they’re affordable and seem pretty convenient.

Unfortunately, many people are opting for teeth whitening products without knowing their pros and cons. They don’t know the right way to use the products. With such ignorance, they end up wasting money and sometimes even compromising oral health.

Are you sure you know all about teeth whitening? Let us see.

Did you know that tooth crowns and veneers can’t be whitened? Did you know that teeth whitening could be customized? 

If you answered a straight No to all the questions, there’s certainly a lot you don’t know about. 

It’s about time your myths about teeth whitening get debunked! Here are 10 facts about teeth whitening, you probably didn’t know before.

10 Teeth Whitening Myths Debunked

1. Teeth Crowns, Veneers, And Fillings CAN NOT Be Whitened

When people opt for teeth whitening, they assume that they’ll come out with perfect white teeth. But they’re often disappointed to see inferior results.

Their teeth crowns, veneers, and fillings often stand out from the rest of the whitened teeth. That’s because teeth whitening treatment is designed to whiten natural tooth enamel only.

Any other artificial material and fillings will not get whitened.

2. Teeth Stains CAN NOT Be Removed By Oil Pulling

Many advocates of natural teeth try to convince people that natural methods can whiten teeth. The most popular myth propagated by these naturalists is that oil pulling is the surest way to remove teeth stains and get whiter teeth.

That’s impossible!

There is no scientific evidence that such methods work. You shouldn’t put a lot of faith in such old wives’ tales and always opt for dentist-approved methods for teeth whitening.

3. Sensitive Teeth CAN Be Whitened Too

If you have sensitive teeth you’re more likely to avoid home remedies. Most teeth whitening products dehydrate your teeth’ surface.

So we don’t encourage people with tooth sensitivity to try random teeth whitening products either. But we can assure you that sensitive teeth can be whitened without any further damage to your teeth.

You should look for customized packages, like Smile Brilliant’s teeth whitening packages. These are specifically formulated for sensitive teeth. The desensitizing gel accompanied in the package rehydrates the tooth surface and relieves sensitivity.

4. Eating Acidic Fruits CAN NOT Keep Your Teeth White

Another popular myth is that eating more fruits can remove teeth stains and whiten teeth. It is suggested that the acid in these fruits can get rid of staining and yellowing in teeth. 

Please don’t pay attention to such myths. No fruit can whiten teeth, let alone remove hard stains. The fiber in fruits and vegetables can remove some plaque accumulated on the teeth, that’s all. 

5. Whitening ToothpastesDON’T Whiten Teeth Effectively

When you look at the model of toothpaste commercials, you might think that whitening toothpaste is going to give you the same results. Again, that’s a myth!

The advertisements and commercials for teeth whitening you see use imagery and special effects to make the models look attractive. Even their teeth are made to look brighter and whiter than real.

Whitening toothpaste and rinses don’t give significantly whiter teeth. Although there’s no harm in using these products, you should know what to expect. Don’t rely too much on such products, you’ll only be disappointed.

6. Professional Teeth Whitening Results Also Vary From Person To Person

Professional teeth whitening treatment is indeed the most effective way to get whiter teeth. But professional teeth whitening has its limitations too.

You should be aware that after such treatment your teeth will get comparatively whiter than before, but not necessarily as white as you’ve imagined. The results vary from person to person.

7. All Types Of Teeth Whitening Products Are NOT Equally Effective

You’ll find many types of teeth whitening products being marketed these days. There are simple over-the-counter products like whitening gels and strips.

There are also customized products like teeth whitening trays. All these products claim the same thing – White Teeth. But they’re not equally effective.

Whitening strips and ordinary teeth whitening trays may not reach every crook and corner of your mouth. Buy customized teeth whitening trays that are far more effective and give better results.

8. UV Light Treatment For Teeth Whitening Is NOT Safe

UV Light Treatment could give you whiter teeth in no time. But would you like to expose your teeth to the damage caused by UV radiation? We hope not!

Please do the wise thing and go for safe methods for teeth whitening instead.

9. Teeth Whitening Products CAN Damage Your Teeth

All teeth whitening products are not safe for your teeth. Teeth whitening products come with chemicals that can damage tooth enamel if not used in safe quantities.

You should always use products from a trusted brand. Make sure you follow the instructions to the T. If you’re not sure about the products available around you, visit a dentist and get whitening done at the clinic.

10. Teeth Whitening DOESN’T Last Forever

Nothing lasts forever. Not even the most expensive teeth whitening session. 

You need to acknowledge the fact that after whitening, your teeth will get stained again. You will need regular teeth whitening sessions to maintain them.

That’s why we suggest when you select a whitening product or treatment, try to get a package deal for further sessions. 

Whether you choose to go for teeth whitening at the dentist’s clinic or wish to do it at home, the choices are many.

Pick a teeth whitening package that suits your particular needs and gives the best results too. Always double-check that the method you are choosing is safe. Don’t let any myths mislead you.

Julie Higgins
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