Key Things You Need To Know About Fixing An Overbite

Although it is normal for your top teeth to overlap slightly over the bottom ones, some people may experience significant overlap, which can cause further issues.

Overbite is a condition that causes a vertical overlap or a horizontal gap between the top and bottom front teeth. There are various factors and reasons that may cause an overbite, and this is why it is important to understand this condition fully.

Within this article, you will find key information about the causes of overbite and methods of treatment you may want to consider. This will help you decide based on your unique health requirements.

Key Things You Need To Know About Fixing An Overbite

Causes Of An Overbite

One of the most common factors which may cause overbite is the shape and size of your jaw and teeth. These features are often related to genetics, as they can be inherited and passed down to generations.

For instance, it is possible that you may have too much or too little space in your jaw to accommodate all of the teeth. Nevertheless, some external factors may contribute in a similar way, such as the development of certain bad habits.

Overbites can often occur during the developmental stages of a child’s growth, such as thumb-sucking past the age of 3 or 4 using a pacifier.

Therefore, if you are a parent, it may be necessary to stop your child from sucking its thumb. Other dental problems that may have an impact include missing teeth, cysts, and tumors of the jaw. 

Effective Ways To Treat An Overbite

Typically, orthodontic treatment is used to treat conditions, such as an overbite, where the teeth or jaws are misaligned more than normal.

Metal braces are usually recommended in this case to fix more complex bite issues. However, there are other solutions you can explore, which can be more comfortable and discreet.

For example, you can visit professionals for a more affordable and convenient solution to fixing an overbite. After completing a short assessment online, you will receive custom-made, clear aligners with the support of a fully-qualified team.

As opposed to braces, clear aligners do not have obtrusive metal wires or brackets. One of their biggest benefits is that they are inconspicuous, which makes them easy to blend in with your teeth.

They are also easy to clean and remove, which will ensure you can continue brushing your teeth and flossing as always. 

Potential Threats Of Ignoring Overbites

If an overbite is ignored, it can cause the teeth to crowd and grow crooked, as there will not be enough space in the mouth.

It is important to understand that untreated overbites can cause serious health complications. Damage can be done to the teeth due to abnormal positioning and misalignment.

Keep in mind that some problems may arise, including tooth decay, jaw pain, cavities, gum disease, worn enamel, headaches, and discomfort while eating.

In addition, ignoring overbites can worsen with age, which can alter your appearance significantly. This is why it is crucial to do proper research and seek support if you suffer from an overbite.

With advancements in dentistry, multiple options are available to realign teeth and fix overbites.

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