8 Things To Consider When Moving Locally With Kids

You’re probably excited about moving to your new home. There’s something magical about the process of picking out new decorations, cooking the first meal in a new kitchen, and everything that goes into making a house a home.

If you have children, though, don’t be surprised if they aren’t as excited as you are. Whether you are moving down the block or across the country, you’ll find that even the most resilient of children can be challenged by moving into a new home.

There are a few steps that you can take to make sure that your child will come through the process of moving as smoothly as possible. Below, you can find a few of the most important ones.

Give Your Kids The Right Amount of Time to Think About the Move

It’s not a good idea to move without giving your kids plenty of notice. No matter how tough you think your children are, give them enough time to say goodbye to their old home.

At the same time, the knowledge that a move is coming can be a stressor for children. If you’re planning to move in October, you don’t need to tell your kids about your plans in January.

Younger children should be given at least a month to process the news, while older children might want three or four.

Involve Your Children in the Process of Choosing Their New Home

While the adults have the final say on a new home, it’s important for children to feel that they have a voice in where they live.

Bringing your children along to open houses early in your home-buying process can help acclimate them to the idea that you are going to move.

While you don’t need to give your children the final say on where you live, listen to their opinions and take them seriously. Try to find a place to live that the entire family will be happy to call home.

Try to Maintain a Regular Routine Leading up to Your Move

There are few things that bring more chaos into life than a move.

Once your pots and pans are in boxes, you might not be able to cook your children their favorite food. Once you begin packing away clothes and toys, some children will feel anxious about their inability to live their lives as they previously had.

Although you might feel that there aren’t enough hours in the day, try to maintain a regular routine so your children will feel secure. Keep on going to soccer practice and dance lessons. Your children will thank you.

Let your Children Help You Decorate the New House

Even if you’re excited to move into a new place and transform it into your dream home, consider involving your children in the decorating process.

Give them the ability to choose things big and small. If they’re getting new bedrooms, let them choose the paint color and the theme. Allow them to put a personal touch on common living areas.

Little kids will be thrilled if you find a place to hang their framed artwork, while older kids may have an opinion on the best way to arrange the furniture.

Host a Yard Sale

Moving can present a good opportunity to get rid of some of the things that you and your kids no longer use. Rather than hauling your unused stuff to a new house, host a yard sale or a garage sale to make things easier on you and your kids.

Let your kids choose for themselves which of their items they want to sell. Older children can take a lot of responsibility for organizing the yard sale.

Sharing the profits with your children can help them to feel excited about the process.

Make Sure You’re Spending Enough Time With Your Children

There are never enough hours in the day when you’re moving. Between packing, cleaning, lawn work, meeting with the realtor, and trying to keep up with basic work, you might find that you aren’t able to spend as much time with your children as you would like.

Ensure that your kids aren’t feeling lonely or neglected by hiring movers. Let someone else take care of the moving logistics so that you can focus on what’s important.

Throw a Party on Your First Night in the New House

Once the movers have finished unloading the moving van, you’ll probably want nothing more than to sit back, relax, and enjoy your new home.

Try to make the first night a special one for your child. Even doing something simple like ordering pizza and eating it together as a family can help make the first-night one that your child will look back on fondly.

Buy a few special treats, turn on some music, and have a family celebration.

Take a Walk Through Your New Neighborhood

Kids gain a sense of independence and self-confidence by knowing where they are and how to get around. On your first morning in the new house, go for a walk around your new neighborhood.

Let your child lead the way. If your child has been nervous about living in a new place, seeing the neighborhood will help them to feel safe and secure.

Julie Higgins
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