8 Essential Things You Need to Know Before You Go Vegan

So, you’re thinking of turning vegan? Maybe it’s that enlightening conversation you had with a friend, or perhaps it’s the endless stream of drool-worthy vegan dishes on your social media feed.

No matter what the reason is, turning into veganism is more than just a food trend. It’s a journey, a commitment, and a profound lifestyle shift.

So, before you get ready to start this transformative path, you need to be sure of certain things. Here’s a heads-up on what you should know. Let’s get started!

8 Essential Things You Need to Know Before You Go Vegan

1. Dig Deep: What’s Driving You?

Imagine you are staring at a gooey cheese pizza after a month of veganism. What stops you from grabbing a slice? It’s your WHY.

Whether it’s the spark in your heart for animals, a health wake-up call, or Mother Earth’s silent plea, your motivation is your anchor. So, hold onto it, cherish it, and let it guide you when the going gets tough.

2. Vegan ≠ Automatically Healthy (Surprise!)

It’s time to debunk a myth- Going vegan doesn’t grant you a health circle. Yes, you read it right! Think vegan ice creams, fries, and those oh-so-tempting cookies. Yum, right?

But here’s the catch – they aren’t daily staples. Your vegan journey will be as wholesome as you make it.

To be vegan and healthy, you need to dive into the goldmine of nutrients. Think quinoa, kale, lentils, and almonds. Also, get acquainted with vitamin B12 and those omega-3s. The more you know, the better you eat and the healthier you stay.

3. Convenience is Just a Click Away

Long gone are the days of vegans being kitchen-bound hermits. Today, delicious vegan meals are just a click away, all thanks to vegan meal delivery service and a pool of other healthy meal options. It’ll ensure you can have a nutritious and tasty dinner without lifting a finger.

So, whether you had a busy day, are not a kitchen wizard, or are just in the mood for something new, Vegan convenience is now at your doorstep.

4. A Culinary World Tour on Your Plate

Another common misconception is that veganism is all about salads and smoothies. Guess what? It is not! Instead, it’s a ticket to a global culinary fiesta!

Ever tried a spicy jackfruit curry or a creamy eggplant moussaka? How about a tangy tabbouleh or an exquisite plant-based meal from another corner of the globe? As you step into veganism, let your taste buds dance to international rhythms. Trust us, your palate is in for a treat.

5. Beyond the Label: Unmasking the “Vegan” Badge

You spot a snack with a flashy “Vegan” label and think, “Score! A guilt-free treat!” But wait! That label doesn’t always guarantee it’s a healthy superstar or made ethically.

Yes, you must dive deeper! Observe ingredients, get cozy with label lingo, and do a quick brand background check. Embrace that inner detective and ensure what you’re consuming aligns with your core vegan values.

6. Find Your Vegan Tribe

Stepping into veganism can feel like following unknown territory. Sometimes, it’s a solo expedition, especially if your inner desire isn’t on the same page.

But here’s the good news. There are countless vegan explorers out there, just like you! So, you meet with vibrant vegan communities, both online and offline.

You can easily swap stories, exchange recipes, or engage in heart-to-heart chats. With a tribe backing you, the path feels less like a tightrope and more like a dance floor.

7. Navigating the Initial Bumps: The Detox Phase

The early days of your vegan voyage might come with some unexpected breaks. In fact, your body, in its quest to adjust, might throw you some curveballs. You may experience occasional headaches, a stomach rumble, or perhaps weakness.

It’s similar to the body’s reboot phase. Your best partners are staying hydrated, munching on balanced delights, and keeping faith that these bumps will soon smooth out.

8. Wear Your Vegan Knowledge Like Armor

As you turn vegan, there will be a lot of questions, from the common “What about protein?” to the strange “Aren’t vegan diets expensive?” There’s no need to turn every question into an argument. Instead, a smart move would be to arm yourself with information.

When you can explain misunderstandings in a cool and sure way, you not only stand tall in your decisions, but you also plant the seeds of understanding.

Wrapping It Up

Becoming vegan is a deep and personal journey that’s not just about food. It is a way of living that takes care of the whole world and treats all living things with respect.

Never forget that every food and choice you make helps make the world a better place for everyone. As you start this journey, remember to enjoy it, learn from it, and grow from it.

Julie Higgins
Julie is a Staff Writer at momooze.com. She has been working in publishing houses before joining the editorial team at momooze. Julie's love and passion are topics around beauty, lifestyle, hair and nails.