How Frugal Moms Can Save More Money

Saving money can be rewarding, but if you are already using a budget, you might wonder how you can save even more than you already are. Kids can be expensive, so saving as much as you can lets you keep things more affordable. A few tips will help you increase your savings.

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Liquidating Assets You Already Have

Consider the assets you already have on hand when you are looking to fill your savings account. For example, if you have jewelry, you no longer wear or need, you could consider selling it and putting the cash in a high-interest account. The same is true of other valuable items, like collectibles or artwork.

If you have a life insurance policy you no longer need, you can also sell it for cash that can then go into your savings account. If you are thinking of selling your policy, you can review a guide that explains how much the policy is worth.

Counting Every Cent

Look for bank accounts and apps that take the effort out of saving money. For example, some apps will transfer funds from your savings to your checking account automatically.

Others round up each purchase to the nearest dollar and put that extra money into savings. Don’t forget about your extra change as well. You can take this collection to your bank and deposit it into your savings account.

That way, it won’t be in your checking account, tempting you to spend it. If you really struggle with overspending, you can use cash instead of a debit or credit card since it’s harder to part with your cash.

Saving on Food

It’s worth spending a bit of time before grocery shopping to determine how much you can save. Look over your pantry and come up with a list of things you need. This is a great way to avoid purchasing items you don’t need.

Coming up with a list of necessary groceries can also prevent you from spending too much, especially if you tend to make impulse purchases. There are also plenty of coupons and savings apps that can help you maximize how much you save.

You can also consider grocery shopping online as a way to minimize the temptation to throw things in your cart that catch your eye at the store but do not support your budget.

Lowering General Bills

If you have debt, you could look into refinancing it so you can potentially get a lower interest rate. This can save you quite a bit of money, especially if you have a while longer before you will pay it off.

You can look into refinancing for debt like auto loans and student loans. You can also save money on your internet and cable bills by bundling them together. Ask your carrier what types of discounts they offer.

It is also worth considering canceling your cable and only using streaming services. You will still be paying for video and TV, but it could be lower than purchasing a cable subscription.

You can also save money on your cell phone by changing up your plan. For example, people who work from home may find they are not going out as much as they used to and no longer need as much data. And if you have insurance on each line, you could consider removing that.

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