10 Tips For Saving On Car Rental While Abroad

Are you planning your next vacation to any abroad country? If yes, you might be looking for car rental deals to explore the country at your own pace. Having a car at your disposal is the perfect idea when traveling overseas. It is not only a budget-friendly option but it also allows you the freedom of movement.

Many solo travelers prefer to choose public transport or cabs while traveling abroad. But, if you are used to driving your vehicle, it will be quite challenging for you to travel on local transport. Imagine landing at your destination and your car is waiting for you there. Doesn’t it sound cool? You can enjoy all perks of rental cars by choosing the right rental agency.

Tips To Save Money On Car Rental

Your car rental can be expensive but we will provide you some money-saving tips for affordable car rental while you’re abroad. You can start by searching top and well-reputed companies on Google, check their reviews, and then book a car.

Tip #1: Compare Prices Before Booking

Car rental prices change a lot, especially in hot tourist spots, and popular destinations. No matter wherever you are going, you need to check the prices of different car rental companies and compare them to get the best deal. You just have to enter your traveling date, pick-up, and drop-off locations, and click on search results. It will show you the list of prices, different car types, and all other important information you need. You can also check aggregation websites like Kayak to get the best car deals. But, also visit the official websites of the different companies to compare car rental rates.

Tip #2: Book Your Car Online

Technology is ruling the world and that’s why every successful business has its online presence. We recommend you book your car online as it comes with many perks. Like if you are visiting someplace that gets crowded in certain months, it’s better to book your car in advance so that you can have your car after landing at that place. Besides that, you can save extra pennies while booking online as compared to visiting car rental agencies in person.

Tip #3: Never Rent a Car At The Airport

Hiring a car at the airport can be more expensive than you can even think of. It is because most people don’t bother to walk around and hire a cab or taxi. It results in more rental car fees. To avoid paying more at airport rentals, you can book a car in advance and ask them to deliver at your desired location. Many companies offer free car pick-up and drop-off options. Dig deeper to find the companies that don’t charge for car drop-off.

Tip #4: Exclude the Extra Options

You can ask your rental company to exclude the extras if you don’t need them. Many companies add extras like GPS, Sat navigation phone, child seats, etc in your package and charge you extra for all these services. Your invoice will be doubled because of these extra. You can ask your rental car company to exclude these options to cut down the extra cost. Besides that, you can bring your child’s seat, and other essential stuff. For navigation, you can use Google maps.

Tip #5: Skip The Car Insurance

Most of the car rental agencies add car insurance as well in your rental fee. Think if you need this service or not. Well, it is good to have an extra safety feature but why spend extra pennies on something you might have already? Many of you may not know that your credit card may also offer this additional feature. You can call your bank and ask them if they are providing insurance services. You can then pay with your credit card as it will cover your car insurance automatically.

Tip # 6: Look For The Deals And Discounts

When you decide the final destination for your next vacation, make sure to learn everything about how the transport system works there. You can search for a few companies that are famous in that area for renting or leasing cars. Just subscribe to their newsletters and follow their social media to keep an eye on the updated content and upcoming discounted deals. In this way, you will know the best time to rent a car in a particular country or city to commute at much fewer charges.

Tip #7: Foolish Fuel

When you are renting a car, make sure to check for fuel and ask for the fuel measurements. If you rent a car with a full tank and return with the empty one, it may cost you higher than your expectation. We recommend you return the car with the same fuel level to avoid issues when you return the car. Make sure to fill the tanks from the fuel stations that are a little bit away from the airport as the near ones are more expensive.

Tip #8: Be Sure About Your Requirements

While renting a car you need to be specific about the requirement. For instance, the number of people traveling with you, or for how long you want a rental car. When you are sure about your requirements, it will be a lot easier for you to book a car according to your group size and time duration. You can hire a small car if you are a solo traveler. But, you need a big one if you are traveling with your family or a group of friends. Moreover, if you are at a certain place for a well, make sure to rent a car on a weekly basis. The car rental companies offer daily, weekly, and monthly car rental services.

Tip #9: Return The Car On Time

Never be late to return your car when your contract period ends. If you fail to do so, the car rental agencies will find you and you will end up paying more than your expectations. So hire a vehicle wisely according to your stay duration and always return your car on time.

Tip #10: Read Your Agreement

Many tourists are so excited and they skip the most important thing and that is reading the terms of the contract or agreement letter. Your agreement letter has a list of everything you need to follow while you are driving a rental car. Make sure to check if you are allowed to drive a car across borders.

Also, check how many people are allowed to drive a rental car or you can also tell the agency about the number of drivers that are going to drive the car. They will add their names to your rental agreement. It is always better to know the upfront charges to avoid future issues.


Here are a few of the most intelligent tips to save money on your rental car. Make sure to follow these tips and keep them in mind while booking a car. Also, hire a car according to your family size and budget so it would not eat your pocket. Moreover, if you are looking for a car rental, we recommend using professional services at a reasonable price.

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