Top Tips To Build A Home On The Coast

A beach house offers stunning views and refreshing breezes that create a perfect retreat. However, building your own beach house demands careful consideration before jumping in.

To ensure your home becomes a paradise that fits your lifestyle, you must consider everything from location to materials. By focusing on the little details from the start, you’ll end up with a comfortable residence that you will cherish for years to come.

Top Tips To Build A Home On The Coast

Best Places To Build a Beach House

  1. Costa Blanca: This coastal destination in Spain is situated on the Mediterranean Sea, making it an ideal place for a beach house. With its mild climate and stunning beaches, Costa Blanca offers plenty of opportunities for relaxation. Property for sale in Costa Blanca is relatively inexpensive and you can find a wide range of properties that are perfect for your beach house.
  2. California Coast: California’s Pacific coast offers some of the most stunning views in the country. While property prices along this stretch of coastline tend to be on the higher side, there are still plenty of great deals to be found. Whether you’re looking for a beachfront estate or a cozy cottage, California has lots to offer.
  3. Southeast Florida: The Sunshine State is a great destination for beach house seekers. This area boasts some of the warmest temperatures in the US and has numerous beaches to choose from. There are plenty of affordable properties in this region, making it an ideal spot to build your own retreat.

Tips For Building A Beach House


When selecting the perfect location for your beach house, safety should be your top priority. Consider the risk of water-driven erosion and loose earth beneath the dunes.

Also, ensure the location is a safe distance from the immediate shore with no signs of sand corrosion. Marine construction can be complicated, so expert consultancy is highly recommended.

Your chosen location will determine your access to local amenities, such as shops and clinics. Also, your neighborhood’s aesthetic may be influenced by your neighbors’ houses. Privacy from frequent beach-goers and access to water are also essential factors to consider.


Weather is another crucial aspect to keep in mind. While sunny and mild weather is preferred, be aware of areas that are subjected to severe weather such as hurricanes and tropical storms. When building a low-lying beach house, it’s best to build on stilts as a precautionary measure.


Choose materials that are resistant to salt air and harsh weather to ensure the longevity of your beach house. Concrete and cedar are great alternatives to metal, which can be vulnerable to salt air. Non-cellular PVC and fiberglass are ideal for exterior rim and siding construction.

Make Use of the Open Space

Living in a beautiful beachside home should provide access to the refreshing, balmy sea breeze. Implement an open-concept design in your home to allow for easy airflow through your space. Large, sliding glass windows not only ventilate your space but also allow for natural lighting.

Upgrade your patio to a porch with a sunscreen roof, chairs, and small-scale side tables. Decorate this outdoor space to create the perfect spot to enjoy the outdoors without getting a tan.

Choose Beach-friendly Décor

Lastly, choose a beach-friendly home décor that is both beautiful and durable. Laminated floors and natural fiber rugs like sisal are perfect for withstanding sand and water. Slipcovers for furniture are also recommended for easy maintenance.

However, avoid wall-to-wall carpeting, which can easily become damp and dirty due to wet and sand-covered feet. Use natural-fiber rugs like sisal that can stand up to sandy feet. Put washable slipcovers on your furniture for easy cleaning.

A beach house is a dream come true for many, but safety and practicality should take priority over aesthetics. Research the safest location to build your home to avoid natural disasters, and use durable materials that can withstand harsh winds.

Create a relaxing oasis with large glass windows and doors, and protect your furniture with spill-proof slipcovers. Enjoy your coastal paradise worry-free with these tips.

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