How to Create the Ultimate Halloween Ensemble

This Halloween, you don’t have to spend lots of money to help your child stand out from the crowd. In fact, some of the best and most effective costumes can be created at home, using bits and bobs that you may already have!

Whether your little one wants to transform into a terrifying monster or become their favorite fluffy animal, you can create the ultimate Halloween ensemble together and have lots of fun doing it.

Read on to find out how you could get crafty and create the perfect costume!

How to create the ultimate Halloween ensemble

DIY Skeleton Costume

Allow your child to channel their spooky side with this simple skeleton costume! All you’ll need is a long-sleeve black top, black trousers, and some white duct tape, and your little one will be the funny bones of the party.

First, lie the black clothes flat on the floor, and have your duct tape at the ready. Put two strips along the arms, one down the middle of the top, and four on either side, to resemble some ribs. Cut a rectangle shape and place this at the bottom of the top, making a pelvis.

For the trousers, you’ll need two long strips going down the leg on each side. And that’s it, the costume is good to go!

Your child could help you to make the costume, and could also get in the festive spirit by taking part in an array of Halloween activities for nursery children that can easily be found online.  

DIY Minion Costume

Kids love minions! There’s just something about those mischievous little yellow creatures that gets everyone giggling. The good news is that your child can transform into a crazy little minion this Halloween, using a few cheap materials.

All you’ll need is:

  • A yellow plastic toy/child’s hard hat
  • Pipe-cleaners
  • Tape
  • 2 mason jar lids
  • Black elastic
  • Scissors
  • White card
  • A printer
  • Glue/glue gun
  • A yellow t-shirt
  • Blue dungarees or jeans

This costume will only take around 30 minutes to make, and your child can help you with many of the steps!

By searching online, you can easily find the Gru logo and minion eyes needed to stick to your child’s hard hat. And using some glue, you can attach the pipe cleaners to the top of the hard hat to resemble hair.

You’ll need to remove the inner circles of the mason jar lids and tape them together to create the goggles. Once you’ve done this, you can tie the elastic around the lids and put it on top of the hard hat, covering the eyes.

All that’s left to do is to put on a yellow t-shirt and some jeans or dungarees and your child becomes a fully certified minion!

Ladybird Wings

This costume is perfect for any child who loves to get crafty, as once you’ve cut out the shape, they’ll be able to do all of the decorating themselves. You’ll first need a big piece of card — a cardboard box will work great for this.

Before you begin cutting, draw out the desired shape of the wings and use this as an outline. Once you’ve cut out the shape, your child can use some red and black paint to transform the plain cardboard into a ladybird-inspired masterpiece.

To make them that little bit more eye-catching, they could add some black glitter to the spots.

Once they’re all finished, you can use something sharp to make some holes in the cardboard and attach some elastic! To finish off the look, add a red t-shirt, some black trousers, or a skirt, and your little ladybird is all ready to fly off for some trick or treating fun.  

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