Thinking About Updating Your Living Room? Here are our Tips!

As far as our home spaces go, the one room that cannot be left without some love, is the living room.

It’s where we socialize as families, invite friends over for movie nights and it’s where we exchange ideas and make memories and bonds that last a lifetime.

It’s in these spaces that we thrive and are increasingly working from as well, so ensure that these rooms remain functional as well as easy on the eye, we’re going to look at a few ways that we can breathe some fresh life and air into our living rooms.

living room update

Take a look at this post and you’ll see how easy it is to reinvent your living room space. By upgrading furniture and accessories you’re going to achieve quite the effect.

But if you’re on a budget and you’re needing to be smarter about your choices to achieve the maximum possible impact, then you’re going to need to get creative.

As with all big ideas, it starts with a plan – and your plan should include your ‘perfect picture’, that being everything that’s on your wish list with a cost and financial plan, and then create your ‘plan-B’. The plan that’s going to serve as your backup in case you’re not able to quite get the imported Italian glassware that you were after.

Your plan in terms of accessories, furniture, and fixtures should be “financial plan heavy’, which means take the time to research how much your remodeling and redecorating is going to cost you. Once you have that dollar amount, you will know over what time period you need to save and plan for.

Remember that redoing your living room is not just an aesthetic achievement, but it is also something of an investment besides. When it comes time to list your home, the way your highlight the ‘liveability’ of your interior spaces goes a long way to influencing the purchasing decision of potential buyers.

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Just like you’d look at wardrobes with shelves for your bedrooms, you’ll want to create a stunning visual impact with your storage facilities in your living room space too.

Custom-made and installed shelving and storage doesn’t just look great, but serves a key purpose – obviously, storage, but it also demonstrates again, just how ‘liveable’ the area is.

Accessories go a long way in changing the look and feel of your open and interior spaces, so think about rich textures, juxtaposing colors, and intricate versus simple designs, weaves, and grains.

If you enjoy having loads of vases and decorative objects, then take care where you place them and in what configuration so that spaces don’t appear cluttered or untidy. There are some gorgeous ideas in this article if you have a smaller space.

Psychologically, redesigning a living space goes way further than just the way it looks – it has to have an impact on how it makes you feel, especially if you’re working from home now as well.

Nothing will lead to a loss of productivity or creativity faster than boredom with the space you find yourself in, so invest in accessories that can be easily changed out, inexpensively.

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