Love Yourself First: Luxury Gifts to Treat Yourself This Valentines Day

We send gifts to others because it makes us feel good. A research paper from the US National Library of Medicine suggests that giving gifts or spending money on others can make us feel happy.

It happens because of an inbuilt reward system within the human brain. As we indulge ourselves in gift-giving, our brain rewards us by making us feel happy and satisfied.

Of course, spending on others is not the only way to feel happy when it comes to gift-giving. You can also feel the same happiness or more by giving gifts to yourselves.

And that happiness can increase manifolds if the gifts you are giving yourself are expensive or luxurious in any way. 

Self-gifting lets you minimize jealousy and enjoy emotional self-reliance. Satisfying your desires instead of depending on others to do it is one of the best ways to make yourself happy.

And this Valentine’s Day is the perfect opportunity to get yourself something nice, because why wait for someone else to do it? And as long as you can afford it, why not make that gift a bit expensive?

Having established all that, let us look into five expensive and luxurious gifts you can get for yourself this Valentine’s Day.

Luxury Gifts to Treat Yourself This Valentines Day

1. Blood Red Rubies

People associate rubies with wealth, prosperity, and often royalty. After all, these gemstones have adorned many crowns and royal jewelry in the past.

Back then rubies symbolized courage and good fortune. Now though, they are symbols of elitism, class, and luxury. 

Rubies are available in different sizes and shapes and from different origins. Based on these factors, you will see that their prices vary heavily, but not every jeweler or dealer sells all of them.

However, Leibish does, and they have a wide collection of rubies. You can find it here and choose whatever suits you best. 

The cheapest ruby that Leibish offers is a 0.44-carat oval-shaped ruby for $750. However, it is not worth buying a 0.44-carat ruby. Instead, go for the 1.3-carat oval-shaped or the 2.25-carat pear-shaped ruby.

They cost $1,975 and $2,350 respectively. Although somewhat expensive, these two rubies have great value for money. 

And if you want something more expensive, go for the 1.41-carat Mozambique heart-shaped ruby. This one sells for a little under $5,500.

2. A Luxury Trip to The Maldives

For a luxury trip, you need to start with a first-class plane ticket that will cost you at least $13,000 (one-way, the USA to the Maldives). Business-class tickets will cost you between $3,000 to $4,000. 

To travel within the Maldives, you can use a speedboat that will cost $500 per trip. A round trip on a speedboat will cost you $1,000. One-way trip prices on a seaplane will also cost you $500, but will slightly vary depending on the distance.

As for luxury resorts and bungalows, expect to spend at least $500 to $700 per person, per night. In most cases, these prices will cover amenity costs and even your breakfast. For the rest of your meals, you can spend anything between $70 to $100 per person, per meal.

3. Fancy Clothing

Fancy luxurious clothing means buying from renowned luxury brands. And since you are planning to spoil yourself by spending big, you might as well do it the right way.

Versace is a good place to start if you want something that you can wear to parties. They have this beautiful Medusa Safety Pin dress for around $3,000 that will demand attention at any party you attend. Their collection of plain black dresses is also noteworthy. These will cost you around $2,000.

For a more party-casual look, opt for Gucci. For anything between $2,000 and $4,500, you can find some of the most luxurious designer pieces of clothing here.

They give off a very fun and casual vibe and will be perfect to wear at casual events or a night out at the bar.

4. Valentines Special NFTs

NFTs saw a market growth of almost tenfold in the last two years. Till March of 2021, the market had around 40,000 unique buyers. By July of 2021, the world had seen over $2 billion spent on NFT sales.

It is easy to see that the NFT trend is catching up, and soon it will become more mainstream. So if you are planning to get something expensive, and do not mind splashing a bit of cash, why not get yourself an NFT? And since it is a Valentine’s Day gift, how about something of that theme?

“The Kiss” by Gustav Klimt is one of the world’s most popular works of art. And it is now on sale as an NFT. The digital copy now has 10,000 individual pieces, where each piece is an NFT. You can be a proud owner of one of these NFTs for just $2,100. You can even see this as an investment, or a start to your future NFT collection.

And that is all for today. Hopefully, this list will give you some idea regarding what money can buy, and what you can get for yourself this Valentine’s Day. 

Julie Higgins
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