10 Essential Wedding Planning Apps for Modern Brides

With venue concerns, guest list disagreements, and money concerns, organizing a wedding is not an easy chore, but wedding planning applications may help. These are your life-saving wedding planning tools, from making stunning Pinterest boards to saving all of your décor ideas in one spot to conveniently managing your budget with Mint. You’ll be able to thank us afterward!

10 Essential Wedding Planning Apps for Modern Brides 1


Pinterest is a great place to get ideas for all aspects of your wedding day. You may make boards for anything from your ideal wedding gown to the lovely flowers and decorations that will go with your theme. Prepare to spend hours searching through millions of photos, but your perfectly curated boards will be fantastic for showing vendors precisely what you want and refining your vision for the day.

The Knot Wedding Planner App

Not to brag (well, maybe just a little), but The Knot Wedding Planner App will be a lifesaver for you. Being one of the best wedding planning tools, it can become your one-stop shop for choosing your style, locating suppliers, updating your wedding website, establishing a day-of timetable, and constructing your registry.

Designed for couples at any point of their wedding preparation, but especially those who are just getting started. There’s a lot to choose from, including checklist reminders, vendor ratings, a guest list tool, a budget tracker, a wedding website builder, and much more.

Wedding Planning Assistant

If you are holding your event in a large venue with a vast area to fill, you will undoubtedly require space planning software. It is not an app, however, it offers a free wedding seating chart tool that may assist you in planning your seating chart within the context of your reception arrangement. We appreciate how easy it is to customize the chart and see where your guests are about other tables and the dance floor.

Wedding Happy

As soon as you add the planned wedding date to the app, Wedding Happy will automatically create tasks that you have to complete in advance. In addition to an exhaustive to-do list, WeddingHappy also helps you track your payments and set a budget.

If you haven’t booked any sellers yet, use WeddingHappy for this. Just enter the location of your wedding and browse nearby florists, photographers, groups, venues, and more. WeddingHappy allows you to involve other people in the planning process — add them by email so that they are aware of your achievements.


Without question, Zola is one of the most popular online wedding planner software tools accessible. With tens of thousands of good evaluations, there are over 100,000 wedding products available from 1,000 leading companies. This software is designed to make wedding gift-giving easier by providing wedding registration services, a checklist, and free returns.

Its main characteristics are as follows:

  • services for wedding registries;
  • over 100,000 goods from over 1,000 leading companies;
  • option for cash funding for honeymoon or charity;
  • checklists for the registry.

The Bridebook

The Bridebook app allows you to start from the beginning and input all of the facts about your wedding. This covers the wedding date, the number of guests, the budget, the services you want, and more. It generates a series of checklists that must be completed based on the number of months you have available.

The app has a budget calculator, which you can use to determine a final amount and track your expenditures. You may also link your account with your partner’s to keep track of everything. One of the wedding planning applications that we strongly recommend to brides and couples.


According to a Bridebook poll conducted in 2018, the typical wedding in the United Kingdom costs $37,240. Mint, a free money management and financial tracker tool that brings together all of your bank accounts, credit cards, and invoices in one place, may help you keep track of your spending and develop a budget.

Pantone Studio

Pantone Studio is ideal if you haven’t yet decided on a color scheme. To guarantee a seamless procedure in the future, it is important to finalize your colors beforehand. With this software, you have access to over a million hues stored on the server, which will be highly useful in determining the ideal shade and combination. You may also use social media to obtain the color palette of numerous photographs and apply it to various designs for a quick evaluation.


WedPics is the most popular photo and video-sharing app for good reason. You will be able to see all of the images shot by your wedding party and guests via this free application, with unlimited downloading and the option to buy copies of your best photos to keep forever.

Wedding Wire

Wedding Wire deserves a prominent place on this list since it has long served as a resource for couples seeking inspiration and interacting with possible providers. An excellent platform for reading about trends and necessities so you know what to expect and what your visitors may expect from you. This tool may also help you plan your perfect wedding and maximize the potential for this once-in-a-lifetime occasion, making it a genuine lifesaver. You may also learn from other couples’ experiences and adopt the best practices that can benefit you on your wedding day!

We hope these wedding apps help you organize your big day while also saving you money and time. Remember that the greatest wedding app is the one you use, so select the one you enjoy most and stay with it!

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