Winter Decor Ideas to Spruce Up Your Home

Holiday cheer is a piece of the past, but frosty winter weather is still around. This may leave you wondering how to add some inspiring décor for winter without the sparkle of holiday magic. Look no further for our top winter décor ideas to spruce up your home this season.

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Winter Greenery

Once the luster of holiday spirit has been packed away into boxes for next year, your home could be better. Our first winter décor idea to spruce up your home is to incorporate winter greenery inside and out. 

Just because the holidays are over does not mean you must completely retire your wreath. Try offering a green variation with white blooms and faux berries for a pop of contrast and chilly day design.

Inside, you can add greenery to your mantle for a woodsy pop that adds a cozy aesthetic. Incorporate decorative birch logs for a sleek and winter-approved finishing touch.

winter home decor

Woodland Finds

Get inspired for your winter décor by pulling from nature. Add woodland details to your space for a comforting look that will make the season fresher. 

Try adding pinecones and acorns to your floral arrangements or as simple stand-alone décor. These pieces will add texture and a nature-inspired element to spruce your space.


Another excellent idea for decorating for winter is adding candles wherever possible. Candles create an ambiance and glow you cannot beat. For a warming light effect, go for woodsy scents to add to your winter vibe and natural colors. 

If you’re struggling to place candles or any décor pieces to look just right, try adding an assortment of sizes and heights to your items. Gather loose parts in a tray or bowl, and utilize cake stands or candle sticks to get height dimensions. Also, go for an odd number of items to look the most appealing to the eye.

Go cozy

Nothing spruces up your home for winter more than adding a cozy feel wherever possible. Add varying textured throw blankets and pillows for a plush comforting touch to your living room and bedroom. Ground your space with a new, plush area rug. 

Then, set up a hot cocoa bar in your kitchen to add cheer and convenience when you’re after a warm beverage. Light a fire in the fireplace for genuine cozy warmth that can be enjoyed the most during the chilly season.

We hope you feel inspired by our winter décor ideas to spruce up your home. Living in a winter wonderland doesn’t have to be out of reach for you and your family. Utilizing these tips and ideas will make your home a cozy place to relax all winter.

Julie Higgins
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