5 Best Writing Utensils To Help You Write Better

Whether you’re a learner, an office worker, a writer, or anyone who typically writes every day, you would surely want to invest in some tools to improve your writing experience.

Fortunately, the stationery industry is equipped with the best quality writing utensils, and it’s up to you to choose which ones fit your needs.

Having the right utensils to aid your writing will improve your output. Whatever your goal is, whether to improve the aesthetic of your handwriting, increase clarity in your wording, or evoke more creative thoughts, having the right writing utensils can help you achieve them. 

Here’s a list of writing utensils that can elevate your writing experience and produce better outputs. 

Writing Utensils To Help You Write Better

1. Reliable Pen 

There are many reliable pens that will be helpful in your writing journey. From ballpoint pens to gel pens, having the right pen can elevate the way you write on paper.

These reliable pens usually come in a variety of colors. Choose one that you’re more comfortable in. Usually, professionals would go for black, while students, and other creatives, go for more diverse colors.

When choosing the best pen to use for writing, there are key factors to consider. It would be best to try them out and ensure they’re smooth to write and don’t smudge.

Also, consider the ballpen case and its comfort on your hand and fingers. If you’ll be writing lengthy papers, it’s crucial to own a pen that is comfortable to hold so you can write smoothly on paper.

2. Fountain Pen 

This next writing utensil is another type of pen but is more traditional and produces a different handwritten look. There’s a reason why these pens are usually found in professional and more formal settings.

High-authority people like politicians, business leaders, and other professionals use fountain pens when signing documents, treaties, and the like.

Fountain pens exude a sense of elegance and sophistication that no other pens provide. If you want to feel the same way when writing, go for fountain pens.

These pens also have a comfortable grip, a cap that fits the nib and barrel perfectly, and an affordable price. Modern fountain pens come in different designs and you can also personalize them with your name on it.

Ink flows smoothly and evenly from that stainless steel nib, and the design is simple, but the craftsmanship that it will provide is exceptional. It also promises an improved writing experience as your handwriting looks more elegant than using ordinary pens.

They’re good for daily use, travel-friendly, and ergonomic. The only downside of fountain pens is that the ink doesn’t dry quickly, so there might be tendencies for smudging. Nevertheless, it doesn’t defeat its purpose in helping you write seamlessly.  

3. Journals And Notebooks 

The best partner for pens is your blank journals or notebooks. They act as the blank canvas for you to write your thoughts and ideas. You can use these to write notes more clearly or write essays at work during your spare time.

No matter what you are passionate to write about, make sure you have a journal or notebook with high-quality and smooth papers. The paper quality varies, as do the sizes. You can also choose between hardcover and softcover, spiral bound or perfect bound, blank pages, or lined pages. There are many features to consider.

When choosing the paper quality, you need to factor in the type of pen you will use to write on it. For instance, if you’re using a ballpoint pen, even thin paper on notebooks should be enough to hold and display your writing.

However, if you choose to use gel and fountain pens, it would be ideal to have a thicker paper on your blank journals or notebooks. 

4. Pencil 

For those who prefer pencils over pens, this is a must-have writing utensil. The best thing about pencils is that they’re erasable and editable.

You can easily get rid of unwanted writing on paper by simply using the eraser on top of your pencil. Keep them in a DIY pencil case, perfect to carry in school or displayed at home.

Pencils are less costly than pens. They’re the first utensil that kids learn to use as they write their first alphabets.

Pencils usually come with an easy-grip body, which allows you to hold and use them for a long time. When choosing the best pencil to use for writing, always prioritize top-quality materials. 

Go for the best lead quality, which produces clear writing and drawings. Ensure that the body doesn’t break easily, and go for one that’s easy to sharpen.

Although pencils are relatively cheap, you wouldn’t want to waste one away. This is the tool to use for smooth, consistent lines without over-sharpening. 

5. Permanent Markers 

For those who want to write on other surfaces, such as cardboard or other art materials, you may want to go for permanent markers instead.

Choose one that comes with a fine point, as they are easier to write than sharp markers. The finer the tip is, the better and more comfortable you feel when using them.

These writing utensils are great for many purposes. A permanent marker comes in handy if you need to write on packaging, clothing, fabric, metal items, plastics, and so on. However, as its name suggests, these markers leave permanent ink on the surfaces you mark them with.

Therefore, there could only be a little room for error when using permanent markers to write. Also, keep them away from children as they might have difficulty removing the marks on their hands and other body parts. 


No matter how advanced technology gets, writing by hand will remain a necessity for many people. There’s a brilliant and creative experience when you use your hands in writing something, especially when you writing about something you are passionate about.

Hopefully, you’ll consider and invest in the writing utensils mentioned above to elevate your writing experience. 

Julie Higgins
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