5 Fun Outdoor Games You Can Play In A Farm Or Field

Playing outdoor games offer so many benefits to kids and adults. The good news is, there are numerous activities to enjoy in a field or farm, whether you’re young or just young-at-heart.

Contrary to what most people may think, playing outdoors can be fun for children and adults alike. If you, your friends, and family are not used to playing in a farm or field, you can start by playing at your lawn, backyard, or a nearby park. Once your children get accustomed to playing games outside, they’ll now yearn for the outdoor play space

The following are the benefits that adults and kids will enjoy when playing outdoor games on a farm or field: 

  • Get more exercise and sunlight: People who spend most of their time indoors often lack physical activity and exercise. Playing games outside gives you a chance to get enough vitamin D, allowing you to have healthy bones and muscle function. 

It’s also easier to encourage exercise when there are outdoor games to entertain everyone.

  • Boosts creativity and confidence: One of the benefits of playing games is improved focus and problem-solving skills. It’ll also boost imagination and creativity. 

Although there are games or exercises that can be done indoors that attain the same benefit, playing outdoors makes these activities more enjoyable.

  • Enhances social skills and improves relationships: Outdoor play is essential in building better social skills for both the young and old. Good social skills pave the way for better communication skills, which will help you perform better at work, and your children at school. You and your family can also use this time to bond and make meaningful memories.
  • Relieves stress and anxiety: Nature has a calming effect, and it may help relieve stress from everyday activities. Spending time to enjoy the green space and play around it is rejuvenating and relaxing.
  • Instills love for the environment: People who spend a lot of time outdoors tend to develop respect and love for nature and everything in it. The more time you and your family spend playing games outdoors, the more appreciative and caring you will be with your surroundings.
  • Provides a learning opportunity: Specially-designed outdoor spaces, like the ones created by https://www.mazeplay.com, encourage learning and enjoyment at the same time. 
  • Promotes a healthier lifestyle: The lack of physical activity can lead to debilitating health conditions later in life. Taking time to play outdoor games a few hours each week is beneficial to your body and mind. 

Aside from rejuvenating your senses and making your calmer, outdoor physical activities prevent you from living a sedentary lifestyle. 

Indulging in outdoor games and activities have benefits that go beyond having a stronger and healthier physique. Other than teaching you to think on your feet, it also teaches empathy, creativity, teamwork, and respect.

5 Fun Outdoor Games Should Try Playing At A Field Or Farm

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Outdoor games make spending time outside more exciting and enjoyable. Here are several games that you should try playing with your friends, kids, and loved ones.

Hide And Seek

Hide and seek has been played for many generations–a classic game that can be enjoyed by adults and kids. The game doesn’t require any equipment at all. Just plenty of space to move around and hide at! The rules are fairly simple, too, which makes it a suitable game even for younger children. 

The number of people joining the game should be at least three. There are different hiding and seek variations, but generally, the ‘it’ person counts to ten (maybe 20 or more) while participants start to hide.


It would be difficult to know someone who hasn’t played a game of tag. Another classic childhood game you and your friends may have played when you were growing up. Tag will surely get the heart pumping and give you a good outdoor workout in no time. 

The game will start by the group determining the ‘it’ person. The ‘it’ then runs after the other participants to ‘tag’ the other players. 

Tag is a physical game that can be played by any size group at any spacious outdoor space, like a field or farm.

Tug Of War

Tug of war is another simple game that two groups of people can enjoy on a warm, breezy day on the farm or field. The game requires two groups, and the number of people should be the same on each side. 

In Tug of War, a line is drawn, or a marker is set on the ground to start. The goal of the game is to pull the other team over to your side. 

Tug of war is a physical and mental test for the opposing teams–this is a game where strength matters a lot!

Prisoner of War

Prisoner of war is a fun outdoor game that requires strategy and speed. The object of the game is to free their prisoner from the opposing team. If a member is tagged while trying to free their prisoner, they become a prisoner, too. 

This game is suitable for two groups or two families who want to enjoy a competitive day out in the sun.

Dodge Ball

Dodge ball is a game that requires speed and power–and a big open space to do it! You already know that throwing a ball isn’t allowed inside the house, but the good news is that there are relatively no restrictions on an open field or farm. 

The goal of Dodge Ball is to hit opponents with a ball and avoiding being hit yourself. You can beat a thrower by catching the ball thrown at you. Dodge ball is a fast-paced game that can be enjoyed for hours on the field or farm.


It can be challenging to commit to an active lifestyle when you’re already used to staying home watching Netflix or using your smartphone. However, playing games outside with family and friends encourages quick thinking, social interaction, stress alleviation, and physical activity. 

By learning how to play several fun outdoor games in a safe outdoor space, you can have a healthier body, mind, attitude, and relationships.

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