6 Tips For Improving Your Home’s Air Quality

Do you know that during the summer the photochemical smog and ozone are dominant because of the higher temperature and the higher amount of light? The sunlight helps these pollutions to react in the atmosphere and form secondary pollutions.

We should not forget that air pollution is not only behind our windows. Being indoors we are not safe. Every day we are spreading allergens and microscopic dust miter, pet dander, and pollutions. This could happen even from some cleansers, new households, and a coat of wall paint.

This could be a real risk to our health, especially to people with respiratory issues, the elderly, and young children.

The risk is getting higher in a pandemic situation like the one we are having now and we are tied at home for a longer period.

That’s why you must know how to improve your home’s air quality.

Keep Your Floor Clean And Fresh

  • Chemicals from the cleansers we are using and the different allergens amass in our household for years. Vacuuming your home frequently reduce their spread.
    Use a vacuum cleaner at least three times per week for a better result. Vacuum the hallway and the entrance several times, these are the most rushed area in your home. Do not forget to catch the textiles and all side areas- under the furniture. It is important to clean the brushes and filter at the end.
  • Use the mop after the vacuum cleaner. Even with homemade bio cleansers, or without any- water could capture allergens and dust leftovers. Change the mops frequently to avoid mold formation.
  • Place doormats on the entrance of your home- they are collecting all the germs from your shoes and this is how you could reduce their outspread in your home.

Turn Your Home Into A Non-Smoking Area

It is not a secret that smoking is dangerous for our health. There are more than 4,000 chemicals in cigarette smoke. And they could reach you even if you are a passive smoker. Even worse- asthma, cancer, and respiratory issues, plus SIDS are developing exactly by secondhand smoke.

Use Natural Fragnance

Do you know that most fragrances are gained by petroleum and they are tasted mainly for skin irritations? The same refers to all softeners, laundry products, and air fresheners. Many of these products consist of chemicals that reflect the animal’s hormones.

Here is why try to avoid using all kinds of spray, air cleansers, deodorants, and polishers. Use natural scents as sliced citrus, drops of essential oils, and baking soda for cleaning. Let the fresh air come into your home frequently during the day.

Give Some Oxygen To Your Home

Having plants in your home is not only to add a fetching look. Many of them produce enough oxygen to refresh and purify your home. Plants such as the Snake plant, English Ivy,  Aloe vera, and Bamboo palm are considered natural air purifying plants.


Keeping the right levels of humidity is important for our health. It could affect our respiratory system and open different allergies. Inappropriate humidity could be a reason for dry skin, sinus issues. 

Plus it might cause damages indoor and outdoor of our homes. From wallpaper peel off to furniture shrink. 

To avoid health issues and household destruction, keep your air conditioner in good health. Check it regularly and change its filters.

Test Of Radon

Radon gas is odorless and colorless, radioactive gas produced by decomposing uranium. It could be found in the air we breathe every day. But at high levels and in long-term exposures radon may cause lung cancer. 

This gas gets into your home from the soil through the gaps of the floor and walls. A good ventilation system may reduce radon levels. Plus there are radon tests that you can do in your home to see if further actions are required.

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