Baby Gates Shopping – Your Shopping Guide

A baby is one of life’s biggest blessings. However, if you don’t take proper safety precautions, parenting can easily turn into your worst nightmare. One such safety-proofing equipment which is a must-have is baby gates.

With most parents and guardians, the question seldom is ‘Do we need baby gates?’. More often than not, the biggest confusion is, ‘How to decide which one to buy?’

When it comes to shopping for child safety gates, there are multiple options available with different types of functionalities and purposes – it is for you to decide which one suits you the best.

You’re probably thinking, ‘Oh great, there’s another thing I need to figure out for the baby?’ Don’t fret, Below you will find five crucial criteria that are key deciding factors. These will help you figure out the ideal baby gate. 

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Where Will the Baby Gate be Put Up?

You can put up baby gates in locations based on the size. Unfortunately, there is no one-size-fits-all approach.

Therefore, you’ll have to figure out the location where you want to put these gates. 

Some Suitable Locations For Baby Gates

  1. Your house’s entry or exit doors – If you’re busy with some chores say cooking, it’ll be disastrous if your baby slips out of the house when they are unattended. Keeping the baby in the kitchen may not be a good option, either – you’re a lucky parent if your baby likes to sit in one place!
  2. Doorways to Storage Rooms – Babies are extremely sensitive to dirt and allergies. There may be rooms in your household like that dusty storage room you’re too busy to clean, or other rooms that you don’t want the baby to enter.
  3. Stairs and Low-Altitude Windows – Your house may have windows that are particularly low or windows that are easy to climb out of. You need to block them off with a gate. The same with the stairs – you may want to block them off to avoid accidents.
  4. Anywhere else you deem necessary – because parents know best!

What Method of Mounting is Best for You?

There are two methods you can use to mount these gates – ‘Pressure’ Mounting Method and ‘Hardware’ Mounting Method. A pressure mount is ideal for gates which you will be moving frequently from one place to another.

They’re easy to reinstall since they don’t require any hardware components. However, they are likely to be easily dismantled for the same reason.

Hardware mounts are installed using screws, nut bolts, and similar equipment. They must be used in places like doorways or stairs where pressure mounts are very risky and not recommended. 

Will the Gate be in a Congested Space With More People, Or a Wide, Open Space with few passers-by?

If you have a lot of people passing through the gate, you can use a pass-through gate since it has a swinging door. If it’s a location that is not frequented by people and you know the baby will be safe there, you can use a barrier gate.

Perhaps one of the most visited rooms in your house is a bathroom. Here are some tricks to baby-proof your bathroom.

What Material Is Best for Your Baby Gates?

Metal, Plastic, wood, or fabric – choose the one that’s most suited for you, has the desired looks, features, and is within your spending capacity.

Gates made from certain materials may not have certain functionalities, so study their features carefully before you make a purchase.

How to Seamlessly Blend it With your Home Decor?

Although the gate is for your baby’s safety, you may also want it to go with your decor.

You don’t want it to appear jarring and out-of-place. A baby-gate that doesn’t seamlessly blend in may make you want your baby to grow up soon so you can shove it in a bin.

Final Word

Forbes magazine lists baby gates as the first and the most important step to baby proofing your home. We have listed out the most important factors to keep in mind when you decide to shop for a baby gate.

Keep these pointers in mind and choose the safety gates accordingly. After all, your child is the most precious little angel for you, and ensuring their safety is the biggest concern. 

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