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Are you thinking about upgrading your bathroom soon?

Updating your bathroom is one of the most effective ways to transform your home. Bathrooms tend to be one of the smallest rooms in the house, so when it comes to renovations, you really have to work creatively and use intelligent solutions to make the most out of your space. Light is also in short supply, so leveraging whatever light source you have will be a priority.

The 2018 U.S. Houzz Bathroom Trends Study found that although aging was a primary factor, homeowners are craving new layouts with over-the-top accessible features. The study also infers it is a great time to remodel as homeowners previously spent $9,000 on renovations but are now spending about $7,000. Most of this costs, of course, go to buying new shower cubicles or similar solutions. Having said that, plenty of people manage to do a quick renovation on a very limited budget.

“Even on a limited budget, you can dramatically improve your bathrooms for both personal use and increase the value of your home. This bathroom renovation guide looks specifically at updates both large and small, with the end goal being to add real value to the price of your home. Even small stuff, like updating the mirror or replacing fixtures can go a long way to giving your bathroom a true wow factor.”

Care to see some of the best ones? Here are some of the most dramatic bathroom renovations of 2018.

1Green to White


One of the easiest solutions when upgrading your bathroom is to stick to a neutral color. That way, the bathroom looks not only elegant, but also saves you the headache of thinking of different color combinations that work together.

2Washed to Grey


Don’t have much money to spare? A simple color change plus small furniture upgrades go a long way. Fancy lights, knobs on your drawers and wooden frame around your mirror will do wonders.

3Update Tired Cabinets


Another one of the less drastic renovations that involve updates to existing furniture. Painting cabinets and adding new doorknobs can be done in just a few hours and has a dramatic effect on the look of your bathroom. Add a statement mirror and lighting to complete the look.

4Farmhouse Look


If there is a specific look you’re after, all of that is more than achievable without having to change the whole layout of your bathroom. Choose your accessories wisely and either hire a designer or get inspiration from magazines or Pinterest.

5Space Saving


One of the most common bathroom updates involves removing old bathtub and replacing it with a generous size shower corner. Not only it saves space, but it helps to utilize the space better.

6Complete Transformation


Even a small thing like adding a proper sink vanity will transform your bathroom into a more luxurious version, without spending thousands.

7Average to Luxurious


An inspiration for those who have a bit of cash to splash, how do you like this transformation?

8Crazy to Sophisticated


Talking about colors, this is another example which illustrates less is more. Especially in the bathroom. Stick to single colors and simple lines.

9Simple Cabinet Update


Another one of those easy to DIY upgrades for your bathroom vanity. Search in Pinterest to get plenty of inspiration or contract a professional who can help you.

10A touch of Luxury on a Budget


Transform your bathroom into a posh spa-like paradise. The best thing? It doesnt cost nearly as much as you would think.

11What a Difference!


This is another example that illustrates there is no need to be scared of dark colors in the bathroom, you just have to use them wisely.

12Small Update, Massive Impact

source: Instagram @sarahwilliamshome

Even the color of the wood can make a drastic impact on how the whole bathroom feels.

When choosing your bathroom layout and aesthetic, make sure you think about household members, function and designs so that you enjoy your bathroom renovation for years to come.

So which one of these inspired you for your next bathroom project?

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