Best pregnancy photos of celebrities

Celebrity pregnancy photos on magazine covers have been one of the top pregnancy documentation inspiration non-celebrity mothers use.

A majority of moms to be have used the magazine photo shoot concept to document their 9-month long journey.

Some even let the hormones take over and get envious of how celebrities can go through all the pregnancy changes so beautifully and so elegantly. Whereas we, normal people, go through swollen noses, blotched skin because of hot flashes and facial breakouts because of the drastic hormonal changes.

Trust me when I say this. They go through the same changes. The only difference between us and them? Money. Oh, and Photoshop. If you were a paparazzi stalking these celebrities, you’d see them looking their worst once in every great while.

Needless to say, there are a lot of women who just glows during their pregnancy. And just like every other normal human being, celebrities are no exception.

That being said, here’s a round-up of our best celebrity pregnancy photos.


Gorgeous Celebrity Pregnancy Photos


1. Shakira

Image: Unicef

Shakira is one of the few celebrities who’s still recognizable sans all the layers of heavy make-up. Yes, she’s still gorgeous bare faced. Looking at this photo, the little bun in the oven is most likely going to grow up as hot, if not even more, as its parents.


2. Demi Moore

photo: Vanity Fair / Annie Leibovitz / also on featured image

Demi Moore has always been a classic beauty in the Hollywood scene. She’d have to be to have been able to win the heart of one of the most celebrated action stars, Bruce Willis. Not to mention, hunk Ashton Kutcher who’s decades her junior. This photo just shows her pregnancy glow like it’s her mainstay make-up.

Not discrediting that this is a photoshoot but to paint a masterpiece you need an excellent canvas which Demi Moore is.


3. Claudia Schiffer


This woman is turning 46 this year and Lord, have mercy, she still looks like she’s rocking her 20s. She puts a lot of women to shame even if she’s pregnant at her age.


4. Cindy Crawford


Cindy Crawford has been an icon in the fashion industry and in the leading lady roles in Hollywood films. No casting director would be crazy enough no to cast her. She’s hot even in this cover sporting her baby bump. Probably top on my list of celebrity pregnancy photos.


5. Jessica Simpson


“These Boots Are Made For Walking” star has been famous for her sunkissed skin and luscious golden locks. Although she has been sandwiched in between different breakup headlines, she’s still a mom to be worth drooling over.


6. Brooke Shields


Ahh. The ever gorgeous brunnette. Some things you might not know about this dark-haired bombshell is she has a degree in French Literature and was one of the best friends of the King of Pop. I can only wish I carry pregnancy as beautifully as she does and age as graceful as she does.


7. Miranda Kerr


Orlando Bloom landed the jackpot on this one. Too bad they can’t get their happy ever after together. Victoria’s Secret angel, Kerr, is one of the most gorgeous women on earth in my book. She can be pregnant and the size of a truck and she would still have the ability to make me question my sexual preference.

I’m just kidding but I kid you not, her celebrity pregnant photos racked up thousands of dollars.


8. Britney Spears


I grew up listening to her music and I was quite a fan. That was before I discovered Green Day, Blink 182 and Simple Plan. I kind of left Brit to the sidelines since then.

Her life has been a tabloid frenzy between her substance abuse and rocky relationships but I salute this woman for getting back on track. She took all the negativity from her life and turned her life around. Just look at how happy she looks in this photo!


9. Eva Herzigova


Would you believe this woman is 43 this year? I wouldn’t have believed it if Google didn’t tell me. This Czech model and her cover shoot makes me think of a Playboy magazine pregnant edition.

What do you think?


10. Heidi Klum


Save the best for last. I’m sure you all know who this is. Heidi freaking Klum is a veteran Victoria’s Secret angel who’s legs are insured for about $2.5 million. That’s more money than I will ever make in a lifetime.

There are not much words to describe her celebrity pregnancy photos aside from wow. Now more women are insecure. Pergnant or not.


There you have them, ladies. Celebrity pregnancy photos that brings out your photo op inspiration.

Let’s try not to get insecured. There’s always professional photographers and Photoshop to help you out if you really are dying for a magazine cover worthy shot.

So book your studio now, channel your inner celebrity and have fun with your shoot!


Got any inspiring celebrity pregnancy photos to share? Leave a comment below!


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