Proven Tips To Build An Incredible Photography Collection

Whether you are a newbie or an avid collector, you will probably know the challenges of collecting rare photographs over the years.

Even if you manage to find them, you will have to compete with many takers to lay your hands on them. Pricing is another challenge that makes it harder to build a collection.

While there are no shortcuts to collecting the best photographs for your treasure trove, you can follow these proven tips to pick the best ones out there.

Proven Tips To Build An Incredible Photography Collection 1

Take the Plunge and Dive Deep

Collecting the best photographic pieces is about buying one piece and adding more consistently. Commit to diving deep after taking the plunge because turning back is not an option.

You can set a timeline for purchases instead of going too far too soon. The best piece of advice is to learn the ropes and do your research so that picking high-value pieces is easy.

After all, you will expect to amass a collection that grows in value over time.

Set a Realistic Budget

Collecting photography is as much a financial commitment as an artistic endeavor. You cannot expect to make random purchases unless you have big money.

Most pieces come with hefty price tags, so it is better to set a realistic budget beforehand. You must have decent money to start with the goal in the first place.

Further, you can space the purchases to build over time as and when you afford to pick more pieces for your assortment.

Focus on Variety

Like paintings, photographic art comes in various forms. You can pick antique daguerreotypes, add classic black-and-white or color prints, and move to newer forms like digital inkjet prints.

Exploring pieces by different artists like Holly Andres, Christopher Anderson, and saul leiter photography is also a great way to enhance your collection.

The options are endless, so you can explore, add, and grow your assortment as much as you want.

Collect From Different Sources

This one is a no-brainer because you cannot just stick to buying directly from artists if you want to build a truly valuable and versatile collection.

Of course, you may network to connect with them directly from the artist, but check other ways to add to your range.

For example, you can think beyond buying from a dealer and also buy online. In fact, nothing gets better than checking options online and buying your favorites in a few clicks.

Preserve Your Collection

Building an excellent photography collection is more than picking every precious piece you can. It is also about preserving your precious pieces over the years.

Choose the apt place to display them because too much exposure to light can cause fading or color change. Avoid hanging them in a room full of windows, and use museum glass or UV Plexiglas over them to minimize fading.

Some prints are light-sensitive, so you must ask about care and precautions before buying them.

A photography collection is a treasure you can proudly showcase and bequeath as an inheritance. Check these simple tips to build an incredible one.

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