Fashion Staples You Will Need for Halloween

Yes, you’ve guessed it. Halloween is just around the corner. There will be ghost stories, horror movies, costumes, and going to the candy store in droves. I’m starting to prepare my Halloween costume now that it’s the scary season.

Getting ready for Halloween doesn’t mean you have to be uncomfortable. Wear your Asics trainers for something to keep your feet feeling fresh. It also doesn’t mean you need to browse fancy dress stores.

It’s easy to work a convincing Halloween vibe on the high street with devilishly dark pieces. You can channel Morticia Addams in alluring, body-hugging lace or add floaty fabrics to make your outfit feel like Dracula’s cape.

Don’t go overboard with the scary elements, and you’ll be able to achieve a glamorous spooky look without committing to anything too horrific.

Make sure your outfit goes beyond the 31st of October by choosing wickedly good staples.

Fashion Staples You Will Need for Halloween


There is a recent trend involving ear cuffs – only one, mind you – and if you want to try one out, Halloween night may be just the night.

For a statement neckwear piece. Consider oversized spider charms that will freak out arachnophobes on your commute or striking onyx black gems that will make you look like a glamorous Goth.

You can complement your devilish black look with leather gloves, ornate bat sunglasses, and elegant lace cat ears.

If you cannot resist a flash of bright color against all this black, a green witch necklace or an orange pumpkin-styled pair of gloves are the perfect addition.


The good news is that the gothic style allows you to go as spooky or dramatic as you want. If you’re going all-black, break up the look with a flash of skin.

Keep one leg or arm/decolletage on display and see whether you can get a taxi to avoid the chill.

If you want to work with black lace or sheer fabrics, the proper underwear is critical. Strand marks and VPLs may make your look appear much more frightening.

Don’t be afraid to play with a variety of different blacks. Working with textures and tones will provide visual appeal to your ensemble if you’re going all-out top-to-toe.

No one wants to be seen as part of a funeral parade, so bring a bright bag or coat that you can leave on or take off depending on your mood to brighten up a dark style. Shoe color will instantly update your appearance.

If you’re going for a witchy look, slip your feet into pointed toes, toughen up your appearance with ankle boots, or if you’re feeling really vampish, go with open toes and choose a black or dark inky blue pedicure.

Black Magic

The intensity of an all-black outfit can be unforgiving, but it can be softened with sheer, lace, or cut-out velvet panels.

Choosing crushed velvets or silk crepes as your black fabrics is essential. Material like a matte is heavier, making LBDs winter-friendly, plus light seems to be absorbed magically, resulting in an ultra-slimming look. Adding black lace, beading, or dramatic ruffles to an evening dress will elevate your look to a whole new level.

Black & White Striped Tee

With a black and white striped blouse, you can channel your inner Betelgeuse, Jack Skellington, and everything Tim Burton.

Black and white stripes are inherently creepy, but also add a level of elegance. The basic and tasteful French girl style uses a lot of black and white stripes to create a clean, aesthetically-appealing appearance.

A striped shirt is an excellent method to keep a high degree of style while still channeling those autumn crawly feelings.

For a Halloween-approved outfit, pair a black and white striped shirt with either black leather pants or a skirt. Remember to accessorize (and style your hair) for the holiday, but after Halloween is over you can still wear the shirt as part of other outfits by pairing it with other neutral colors.

Final Word

When it comes to Halloween, you don’t want to spend a fortune on something you’re only going to wear once. Be strategic in your stylings.

Refresh old clothes you don’t wear anymore, or opt for a more stylish outfit that can be worn all year long. Certain colors work better than others, such as blacks, greens, and oranges, but they can be added to your chosen accessories.

Particular prints can be worn all year round, don’t just assume a bat has to be saved for the month of October, although it could be wise to skip wearing it around Christmas.

Halloween is here, and the only consumable items you should be buying are the pumpkins you carve. Stay stylish and stay frugal with your clothing choices.

Julie Higgins
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