5 Ways To Decorate Your Home With Photos

Have you thought of redecorating your home as you welcome the new year? If your answer’s a resounding ‘yes,’ there’s just something about welcoming the new year that encourages people to take action and work on a project.

This post is perfect for you if you have plans to redecorate your home. It’ll focus on tips on how to decorate your home using photos. Read on and learn great framing ideas and other styling tips for using photos.

5 Ways To Decorate Your Home With Photos

5 Tips To Decorate With Photos

There’s something about photos that makes you feel emotional and personal, so making them part of your home decor makes sense. But sometimes, it can be challenging to incorporate these elements that blend smoothly and don’t look forced.

Yet don’t fret; here’s a list of decoration tips using photos:

1. Framed Photos 

Framed photos are one the most common ways to use photos as decoration. Framed photos are ideal for accentuating different areas in your home. 

To give you an idea, the top place that’s ideal for putting your framed photos are listed below:

  • Hallways;
  • Living area;
  • Kitchen area;
  • Bedroom;
  • Home office;
  • Playroom;
  • Window sill;
  • Bathroom; and so on. 

People frequent hallways, living areas, home offices, and bathrooms, which guests can access, so it makes sense to put decorations in them. 

The good thing about framed photos is that there’s so much you can do with them.  You can be thematic in framing your photos like black and white photos for the living room, fun colors and style for the playroom and so on. 

And it’s essential to consider how big a statement you try to make when choosing different sizes and styles of frames. Also, just make sure that the frame doesn’t outshine the photo that you put in it. 

2. Photo Wall

In relation to framed photos, you can create a photo wall. If you want to avoid going the traditional route of putting pictures in different places, you can choose one spot to put those photos altogether, a wall. 

If you have a big empty wall, it can be a perfect spot for a photo wall. Photo walls make excellent centerpieces; that empty wall can be a blank canvas where you can put photos and get creative. Having a big canvas allows you to share more pictures and can be a good conversation starter for visitors.  

With an at-home photo wall, your creativity is the limit. You can have a color theme where all photos will be black and white or all images colored. Mix and match colored and black and white pictures or framed and not framed photos. You can choose to have a small or floor-to-ceiling photo wall. 

3. Photo Wallpaper

Another modern way of using the photo as decor is to make it into wallpaper. An eye-catching wall display will surely make your memories stand out. 

There’s a big difference between a photo wall and a photo wallpaper. With a photo wall, you put together actual printed photos and put them on the wall. With a photo wallpaper, the image or pictures are on the wall. And you can’t remove them that easily.

A photo wall can be temporary, and you can change the photos you display from time to time, while a photo wallpaper is ideal for long-term display and is more permanent.

4. Make Photo Magnets

More than a souvenir item for events, photo magnets make excellent home decor. It’s a modern way of showcasing photos and, at the same time, very convenient. 

The perfect spot for these photo magnets would be in the kitchen, where you can stick them on the refrigerator. Plus, you can create magnetic walls in the different rooms, so there’s a place for magnetic photos. 

5. Stringed Photos

You can display photos using a string if you want something out of the box. Add strings to the pictures and hang them against the wall or from the ceiling. Moreover, you can even go the rustic approach and use tree branches and twigs to hang your photos.

You can do a series of stringed photos without a frame or with a frame (a light one or a paper frame) as well. Whichever your preference is, it’ll surely add life and story to a room.


It’s all about making your home your own when decorating, styling, and showing off your memories! Make sure you choose photos and frames that speak to you and bring a personal touch to your area. 

Hopefully, this post gave you some fresh ideas on incorporating photos and showcasing them as you decorate your home. 

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