The Ultimate Diaper Bag Checklist for a Newborn

For most new mothers, organizing a baby bag seems like a piece of cake, especially when you have a handy diaper bag that makes finding what you need very easy.

Even the most organized moms do tend to forget something, even if they plan in advance. When you go for a walk or have a short trip, you arrange the most necessary baby items in the bag, but later it turns out that you are missing something completely different.

And it happens almost every day – you either run out of wipes, forget the pacifier, or simply forget diapers. No matter how many times you inspect the diaper bag there is always a possibility to miss a small but vital detail.

The easiest way to prevent these inconveniences to annoy you when you need it the least is to make an inventory or a list that you stick to at all times.

Once you make a list of some of the diaper bag essentials, it will be faster and more efficient to get out of the door when you need to. 

The Ultimate Diaper Bag Checklist for a Newborn

Why You Might Need a Diaper Bag

The truth is a diaper bag is a lifesaver. 

Not only because you can add all baby essentials, but most are designed in a useful and comfortable style. They have specialized departments, organizers, and pockets for some of the most used products, so you don’t have to search them all over the bag and take out everything to find what you are looking for. There are a variety of stylish diaper bags to choose from at Peekaboobaby 

One of the latest trends is to have a built-in changing mat which is perfect when you are on a walk in the park. Separate organizers for dirty diapers, clothes, and used wipes are my favorite diaper bag feature. 

These days they are available in so many different styles and colors that you won’t have trouble finding one in the size and style that suits you and your needs.

The Ultimate Diaper Bag Checklist

Here is a basic diaper bag checklist – feel free to expand with your own items that you can’t live without. 

Keep a separate list of things that you’re running out of, so you won’t forget to buy more when you visit the store next time.

  • Diapers- a newborn needs at least 10 diapers per day. Make sure you have enough in your bag.
  • Wipes- essential you can’t live without. Not only for your baby’s sensitive skin, but they are perfect to clean your hands, stroller, in other words, they are great for everything. 
  • Baby cream- make sure you have a baby cream always in your bag. Irritated baby skin is a nightmare not only for the baby but for their parents too. 
  • Change of clothes- there is always a risk for your baby to get wet, or to spit milk on her clothes. An additional pair of clothes could save you from an early trip back home.
  • Baby Bottles- having enough bottles, especially if you are on formula is necessary. You can also have an additional piece of pacifier just in case. 
  • Baby Food- no matter the stage, you need to be prepared and have enough food in your bag. Formula milk, and water for it, some toddler food in case you have an older child, and of course some snacks for yourself too. 
  • Empty Bags – do not wonder where to store used diapers, wipes, and dirty clothes. Some empty bags will save your life. 
  • Changing Mat- you can find great foldable changing mats are super useful. But in case you don’t have it, an additional baby blanket is also a good idea. 
  • Baby Blanket- similar to clothes, there is always a possibility of getting wet.
  • Toy- do not forget your baby’s favorite swaddle toy or other favorite toys. 
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