The Main Difficulties Student Moms Have in Juggling Their Dual Responsibilities

To be a mother is to be the world, the universe for one person. The birth of a child brings a lot of joy to the family. We often hear that it becomes the happiest event in a woman’s life.

It is much less common to talk about the difficulties faced by student mothers.

Sometimes mothers-students are ashamed to admit that the appearance of a child causes them not only positive emotions but also new problems and experiences.

As a result, she thinks that she does not meet the ideal. She begins feeling overwhelmed and isolated from the rest of the world. But don’t be ashamed of your feelings.

The birth of a baby is indeed not only joy but also new challenges. All mothers go through this.

The Main Difficulties Student Moms Have in Juggling Their Dual Responsibilities

Time Problem

Young mothers-students do not have enough free time. The child constantly requires attention. A person does not have time to rest to please the baby and learn.

Studying also takes time, and you must be torn to do everything. And if the mother-student also works, you can forget about free time.

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Difficulties of Motherhood

Probably, each woman may have her difficulties with motherhood, which is determined by various reasons:

  • financial difficulties;
  • household disorder;
  • family troubles;
  • the absence of a husband;
  • state of health;
  • age problems.

But there are several quite typical difficulties that many student mothers experience, regardless of their age, financial base, and other listed reasons.

Extreme Care

Sometimes, mothers’ care for a baby becomes so hypertrophied that they tend to forget about themselves, giving all of themselves to the child.

Such hyper-concern, alas, turns into stress for the woman’s body, fraught with the development of physical diseases or depression.

The Problem of Freedom

Everyone wants to have time for themselves. A person needs freedom to have a cultural life – to read books, watch TV, visit theatres, exhibitions, and concerts.

The problem of liberty becomes relevant even when you want to take up your education or return to your favorite job again.

Insomnia and Drowsiness

Sleep problems are also typical for the first year of motherhood. Moreover, deviations can be expressed in two ways, both in the form of insomnia and in the form of constant drowsiness.

Both of them testify to the exhaustion of the female body, which does not allow her to fully exercise her maternal functions, let alone feel happiness from motherhood.

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Chronic fatigue syndrome is experienced by almost all mothers, even those who receive outside help.

Because motherhood is hard work, endless, uninterrupted, in this work, there will never be enough rest. It will always seem that it is not enough.

For every woman, chronic fatigue syndrome manifests itself to varying degrees at different times and durations.

How to Continue to Study and be a Proven Mom?

To be a good mom:

  1. Read a time-tested parenting book. You will be able to understand the developmental features of the child.
  2. Give your child enough time.
  3. If you’re having trouble learning, don’t be afraid to ask for help from someone close to you who can look after your baby.

You need to be a supporting mom who always helps the child.

It would be best if you learned how to manage your time correctly. Don’t forget to rest. You don’t have to be a mom all the time. Otherwise, emotional exhaustion will quickly set in.

Taking care of others starts with caring for yourself because that’s how you teach your child to feel and share their needs. The child will understand that others have their own space.

What is the Experience of the College Mom?

Being a student mom is not easy. It is a great experience that requires a lot of effort and time. But having received such an experience, a person can overcome all problems in the future.

Communicate with other mothers – learn from their experience, use the help of relatives, and invite nannies. But in no case, do not shift the responsibility to the child.

People who have received this experience achieve more in life than anyone else.


Do not be afraid to become a mother at an early age when you are still studying. The appearance of a child will cause some discomfort, but over time it will disappear.

And every day, you will rejoice at seeing your child. A child is a big responsibility – but it’s worth it. In the modern world, difficulties can be overcome by approaching them from the right side.

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