6 Tips And Tricks For A More Efficient House Move

Moving to a new house can be exciting and challenging. Starting in a different place gives you a clean canvas to build a new life, career, or business. 

Setting your expectations and being realistic are necessary before moving to a new house. You have to be prepared for all the challenges you may encounter along the way, from packing, traveling, and settling down. Everything needs to be planned in detail to ensure convenience, comfort, and safety. 

Here are six tips and tricks for a more efficient house move. 

Tips And Tricks For A More Efficient House Move 1

1. Know Your New City And Neighborhood 

Knowing the essential details about the city and the neighborhood you’re moving into is necessary for your safety. This includes the location of grocery stores, pharmacies, clinics, hospitals, and even the restaurants worth trying. While it’s easy to find them using online maps, getting opinions from locals is still helpful and valuable. 

For instance, moving into a crowded city helps you set an expectation of having to get along with diverse people and experiencing different cultures. You may also prepare for noise and busy streets, especially if you’re moving to a city in the Bay Area. You need more helpful tips to ensure you’re ready for all the challenges and adventures you may experience. 

Moreover, knowing your neighborhood is essential for your safety. Whether you’re moving to a busy street or a remote location, it’s good to get familiar with some people around you. 

2. Prepare For Possible Increase In Living Costs 

Some move to a big city to pursue their dream career. However, moving to some cities can be expensive, and you have to prepare for a sudden increase in living costs. 

In the United States, the most expensive cities to live in are New York and San Francisco. The rents are high, so you have to plan out your budget for the long term. If you’ve bought your new place, you’ll still need to prepare for utility bills, food, and leisure. 

Getting ready financially is a must when moving to a new place. It gives you comfort and confidence since all your basic needs are met. You should also have an extra budget to explore different activities. 

3. Organize And Declutter Before Packing 

Packing things up before moving can be exhausting, especially when you have too much stuff. If this is the case, organizing and decluttering are necessary. 

When everything is organized, it’s easier to pack them. You may do this by grouping items in the same category. You can start in one room or corner to avoid being overwhelmed. For example, you may begin with your kitchenware. Segregate those you often use and the ones you don’t. Then, decide whether to keep them or not. You can apply this tip for decluttering each part of the house. 

Organizing and decluttering before packing can save you a lot of hassle. This way, it’s easier to unpack as you settle in your new house. 

4. Consider Downsizing 

Whether moving to a smaller or bigger home, downsizing is always an excellent option. It involves choosing to have less stuff to have more space for other purposes. 

Downsizing can be challenging but also freeing. You’ll be surprised at how many things you’ve kept that you don’t use or need. Keeping only the essentials gives you more room for other things that matter. 

Moreover, downsizing will help keep your new home clutter-free and organized. It’s easier to keep each space neat and clean with less furniture, appliances, and miscellaneous items. 

5. Ensure Your New Home Is Move-In Ready 

Before moving into your new home, it’s best to ensure everything is clean and secure. Doing all the repairs and cleaning before moving in will give you an efficient transition. Upon arrival, you’ll only need to unpack and organize, and you’re settled. 

Ensuring your new home is move-in ready can save you from many hassles in the future. In some cases, you’ll only know the problems when you’re already living there for at least a couple of weeks. However, a thorough inspection helps you determine and solve the issues beforehand. 

6. Hire A Reliable Mover 

Hiring a reliable mover eases your stress when moving to a new place. Looking for one at least two months before moving is the ideal time. Doing so will give you enough time to search for the most trusted movers. 

When you’re moving during summer, it’s best to book a mover as soon as you’ve finalized the date. The busiest season for moving companies is summer, so you need to book as early as three months. This way, you’ll have enough time to search for different companies for backup. 

If you’re moving intrastate, booking a mover even earlier is best. Setting a schedule four to eight months before the move is ideal, especially if you’re moving during peak season. 


The abovementioned were the things you can consider for your house move. Although moving to a new house is challenging and stressful, these tips and tricks can help you make it more efficient and convenient.

Julie Higgins
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