Moving Into a New House? Here’s How to Decorate it

So, you’ve decided it’s time to move into a new home. Whether you do that alone or with your family, you’ll always start from scratch with the decorations inside the house.

And even if you don’t think it’s necessary to be concerned with this, know that staying in a comfortable and good-looking environment will make your life better and improve your well-being.

Start with your current budget and add decorations in time without hurrying. You’ll see that sometimes buying expensive decorative products will not only be a waste, but they won’t have any personality.

So it’s better to have second-hand things and give them a new life or make DIY projects for the family to enjoy!

Therefore, we came up with tips on decorating your house when moving for the first time to help you make the best decisions, so keep reading!

Moving Into a New House Heres How to Decorate it 1

Make a Plan for Decorating by Room

We know you might get overwhelmed, but as long as you’ll take it easy, you can even enjoy the process! That’s why we encourage you to start small and create a plan for each room; even if you don’t stick to it entirely, you will have an idea of what you want to make.

So, start with the room you’ll spend the most time in and finish with the ones that are not urgent to decorate. Luckily, plenty of websites will let you use a 2D plan for virtually designing your house.

You might want to start with the bedroom because resting is also important if you want to keep going on with your decorations without going into burnout.

And don’t worry about matching the style with other rooms in the house because, over time, you can add more adjustments to your home. First, you need to work on functionality and then continue with the designing part.

The bedroom should include space to move around (especially if you have kids) but also provide space for everything you need.

And it goes the same with the rest of the house, so you’d also need to figure out how to organise your belongings in a smart way. 

Include Indoor Plants 

Indoor plants are not only good for your health, but they can even give your house a feel like home. Having plants in each room has plenty of benefits, such as:

  • Reducing stress levels 
  • Sharpening your attention 
  • Therapeutic properties (indoor gardening can help people with depression, anxiety or dementia)
  • Productivity booster
  • Improving the air quality (some of the best plants for this are Ficus trees, spider plants, rubber trees, Boston fern, and areca) 

So, take some flower pots and spread them around the house with whatever plants or flowers you want. Regarding the location, know that some plants behave better in sunlight or darkness, so you must do some research before placing them randomly. For example, these plants will live longer if they stay in low-light rooms:

  • Ivy
  • Pothos
  • Snake plant 
  • Prayer plant
  • Lucky bamboo

But some types of cactus and succulents will need all the light in the world.

Don’t forget to make sure that all pots will have a drainage hole in the bottom, but don’t let moisture get absorbed through the hole, as it can cause the plant to rot.

Also, if you want to get some cute pots from elho, they already have the drainage option, but some pots don’t.

Therefore, if you don’t want to break them by drilling, you could put the plants into a plastic pot with a hole on the bottom and then place it into a clay pot. 

What Decorations are Best? 

The decorations depend strictly on how much time you’re going to live in that house. For only a few months, it’s best to make DIY projects and buy cheaper products, but in the long run, you can invest in more qualitative products. Or, the decoration project might depend on your remaining budget after buying the house. 

The best thing you can do is not buy impulsively just because products look cute or cheap. Put the necessity over the cuteness, so consider these things for your interior:

  • Clocks (there are plenty of stylish clocks on the market)
  • Table lamps (they add the feelings of home)
  • Cushions (for extra comfort)
  • Rugs (there are special ones for the bathroom, kitchen, living room, and bedroom)
  • Vases (to keep all your flowers or just to add a splash of color)
  • Art on the walls (paintings from small business creators or posters)
  • Mirrors (they help reflect the light into your room and make it brighter)
  • Bookshelves (if you’re a book lover or just if you want to adopt a dark academia look into your living room)
  • Baskets (perfect for keeping in things like magazines, toys, or other things laying around the house)

Layer Over Time

Finally, don’t get overwhelmed that you’ve not finished your decoration plan or if it didn’t work out as planned.

As long as you’ll live there for a while, you can add layers of decorative objects over time. After all, you might notice that your tastes in designs can change quite fast, especially when you’re surrounded by so many creators and professionals on the internet who have different styles and approaches. 

But some designs to consider for the future include:

  • Window treatments (shades, draperies, curtains)
  • Reupholstering furniture (great for saving money on second-hand furniture)
  • Color-block walls (half bold color, half neutral tones)
  • Floor painting (painting doesn’t have to stop at walls)
  • Having a coffee table in the living room (perfect for starting your morning right)
  • Install a faux fireplace (to give off the vibe of a lavish house)
  • Lighting (lights inside or outside will always be a good choice)
  • Storage (you don’t know how many ways there are to store all your things while hiding them)

In conclusion, don’t stress too much about it.

These projects are reversible, and it won’t be a problem if you change your mind in a short time because you can always make the most out of the previous changes. 

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