Egg-Citing Easter Games for the Whole Family: 15 Fun Ideas

Need fun-loving and engaging Easter activities for the whole family? Let’s welcome this season with fun and entertaining activities that unite every family member.

Easter isn’t just for kids; you can arrange many exciting activities for your adult family. Or even Easter for teenagers playing ideas, you’ll find some fantastic ideas here to plan your next Easter party for the holiday.

Egg-citing Easter Games

15 Creatively Fun Ideas & Easter Activities For The Family

Everyone knows that these days kids love to play technical activities, like a detective game or solve a puzzle. However, not just for kids, we arrange some of the most outstanding ideas to keep standing with your family this Easter season. 

Spend joy and laughter with a combination of traditional Easter activities and fun-loving Easter holiday ideas. 

  1. Egg and Spoon Race: 

Balancing an egg on a spoon and racing to the finish line without dropping it is a fun, challenging activity requiring balance and coordination. Make it more challenging by setting up obstacles or cones. However, you can play relay races with teams where every team has to pass the egg and spoon back and forth.

  1. Peeps War

In this game, two players get a pack of marshmallows each and line them up on opposite sides of the table. They must use plastic Easter eggs to knock all of their opponent’s marshmallows off the table. It is a fun and laughter pack activity that can make everyone laugh till they get stomach aches. You can even make a team of two and maintain a long distance to make the game more challenging for everyone. 

  1. Easter Egg Hunt:

An Easter egg hunt is a classic and enjoyable activity for a holiday for the whole family. Creating a scavenger hunt with possible clues that lead to the eggs or hiding eggs around your house or in the backyard is a great way to create a challenge for different age groups. Manage to hide eggs in the most hard-to-find places or distribute different clues according to the member’s age group. 

  1. Mystery Games

To make this Easter season full of fun and entertainment, playing a murder mystery game is the best idea to gather your family members into a functional crime scene where one person has to play a Detective Role. Each player should devise a detailed costume to double up the fun. 

You can also make some possible clues and puzzles that players must solve to reveal the hidden truth. You can play Murder mystery games both in person or virtually. You will get Masters of Mystery gaming kits and props to make the game more challenging and realistic.

  1. Egg Decorating: 

Playing Egg Decorating games is a fun and creative way to spend time with family members and reveals everyone’s hidden talent. To decorate the egg, you can provide many options, like using paint, stickers, markers, glitter, and other decorations to paint a unique egg design. However, you can also create animal, superhero, and movie themes for the eggs.

  1. Easter Egg Roll: 

Make the egg roll more challenging by creating obstacles or ramps. Rollers can roll eggs down hills and slopes to see whose egg goes the farthest. You can build more obstacles to make the game difficult for adults. 

  1. Bean-Bag Toss Knockdown Game:

Play this game with the kids and see who can knock down all the cans in one throw. You won’t believe how quickly the competition heats up. Adults also love trying knockdown games with a tough crossing line to get involved with the activity. 

  1. Jelly Bean Guessing Game: 

Try a jelly bean guessing game with different types and flavors of jelly beans to make it more challenging and fun. Fill a jar with jelly beans, then have players guess how many are in the jar. Or you can ask for the color or number of jellies you are holding in your hands. 

  1. Charades:

You can play Charades with the whole family by creating cards with holiday-themed words and phrases like “bunny,” “dying eggs,” “baby chick hatching,” etc. Allow your kids to sit with you while you ask the phrases so they can enjoy themselves more and spend some quality time with you. 

  1. Guess the Number of Eggs:

A jar filled with mini easter eggs is filled with prizes so that each child can guess how many eggs are in the jar. It’s one of those Easter activities that all kids (and adults) will enjoy.

  1. Play Bunny Tag:

When kids play bunny tag, they exercise a lot. Pick one child as the dog chasing the other kids, who are the bunnies. When caught, bunnies crouch and use their arms to make bunny ears atop their heads until the game ends.

  1. Easter Egg Mini Puzzles:

To ramp up the heat, see how long each player takes to assemble one of these easy 12-piece puzzles. The player who succeeds with the fastest time wins the battle. 

  1. Easter Scavenger Hunt: 

Playing the Easter scavenger hunts game is the option to make your Easter season fun and challenging. The game requires family gatherings and problem-solving techniques. Make the hunt more challenging by creating riddles or hiding clues in hard-to-find locations. Create clues that lead to different Easter locations or items.

  1. Easter Egg Painting: 

The whole family can enjoy painting Easter eggs. You can decorate your eggs with watercolors, acrylics, or natural dyes. You can also use stencils or masking tape to make different designs or patterns. Display your decorated eggs as a festive centerpiece for Easter.

  1. Croquet:

This might be an excellent option for older kids who want to get out of the house for fresh air at Easter. Croquet is a game that can be played by two, four, or six players. The game’s main objective is to get the ball through the hoops in the correct order with the mallet. The team that finishes first wins.


Whether you’re looking for outdoor activities, creative projects, or challenging games, these 15 Easter games are a great way to celebrate the holiday with the whole family. So gather your family and friends for an egg-citing Easter with these 15 games.

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