Fashion for Women Over 40: How to Stay Stylish Forever

Getting older involves making many changes; one area you’ll need to adjust as you age is your wardrobe. You won’t feel comfortable dressing like you did in your 20s and 30s.

Turning 40 can be challenging, and it can make you feel dowdy and old-fashioned. So instead of feeling frumpy wearing your old clothes, why not upgrade your wardrobe so you can stay stylish forever?

Finding out how to maintain your style when you are over 40 is a challenge for many women, but it’s also something that millions of women accomplish every year. Here are some tips on how to stay fashionable after forty.

Fashion for Women Over 40: How to Stay Stylish Forever

Move to Distinguished Versus Flirty

While everyone supports people being happy and comfortable in what they wear, if you want to maintain a polished appearance, there are some clothing items that you shouldn’t wear after 40.

It’s just not stylish to be flirty after forty. Of course, that doesn’t mean you don’t get to have fun, but fun should look a little different after you reach a certain age.

Try Modest Clothing for a New Look

After 40, try a different approach and choose more distinguished clothing. Modest women’s clothing can be pretty appealing and help you achieve a fashionable appearance regardless of age.

Your clothing should match how you feel about yourself. No rule says you can’t wear certain items, but when you get older, you have more confidence. Flirty clothing items like tube tops, crop tops, and mini skirts are best avoided after forty.

Ditch anything too revealing, even low-cut blouses. There are plenty of stylish tops that you can wear that will accentuate your figure without appearing immodest.

Wear High-Quality Clothing

Avoid inexpensive basics and move toward better fabrics when choosing clothing items like t-shirts and jeans. Higher quality clothing lasts longer, hangs better on your body, and instantly gives you a more sophisticated look.

One of the benefits of getting older is that your life and your body become your own. So it’s okay to splurge on yourself, too. When you don’t have little kids smearing messy hands on your white blouses, you can afford to purchase the best that money can buy.

Denim Dos and Don’ts for Women Over 40

Denim can look great, but it has a youthful vibe, so when you wear denim after 40, make sure you’re not committing a denim faux pas. 

Stay away from ripped or torn jeans, and avoid folding your denim cuffs at the ankles. Another once-stylish trend for younger women that you should avoid is low-rise jeans. Low-rise pants aren’t considered fashionable anymore, anyway.

Invest in Your Undergarments

The changes your body goes through mean that you won’t fit into the same bras you did when you were 25. As you move into your 40s, consider getting fitted professionally every few years. It will help you look younger and slimmer.

Investing in some shapewear isn’t a bad idea, either. Overall, good quality undergarments are worth every penny you spend on them. In addition, you’ll feel more confident about your appearance if you make a few quality purchases for your undergarment collection.

Jewelry After 40

Let’s face it. Women can still look great after forty, but there are some parts of your body that you aren’t trying to call attention to anymore. One of these areas is your neck.

Many women become very self-conscious about sagging skin at the neckline, and you call attention to it by wearing chokers. Survey your jewelry box, and if you need to, add some pieces so that you can layer your necklaces in a way that looks more “grown-up.” 

Another thing to avoid after 40 is big, flashy hoop earrings. While the big dangling earrings of your youth were fun, a more conservative approach to jewelry will be more stylish on you as an older woman.

A lot of women wear Apple Watches or FitBits, and that includes women over 40. Instead, you should consider getting a band that adds style to your wardrobe.

Good Tailoring Creates a Classy Touch

Another way to splurge on yourself is to get a few tailored pieces of clothing. All clothing items can be tailored, and when you see the difference a good fit makes in your appearance, you’ll want to get your entire wardrobe fitted.

Start with a tailored blazer or jacket, and add a pair of pants and a skirt. Then, after seeing what it’s like to have tailored pieces in your closet, you can decide where to go.

Life Begins at Forty

Ask any older woman, and she’ll tell you the same thing. Life begins at forty, and you’re in the prime of your life. You have confidence and experience, and your wardrobe and accessories must match. Anything less won’t seem authentic.

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