How to Find the Best Outfit Pieces for Fall

Wardrobes are ever-changing. Each season, a new list of best outfits is created and new styles are created. It makes sense, as what we would wear in the summer would simply not be practical for fall.

One of the best parts about having a new season come in is that new fashion will hang up in stores and in our closets. Of all the fashion styles and trends we love, fall fashion is perhaps the best. We can layer up, wear denim jackets and snuggle up in oversized sweaters.

But the fall fashion cliches are not the only ones to look forward to this season. There are so many outfit options to explore that are in line with the hottest trends. And they come in all shapes and sizes too—including plus size.

We have rounded up all the best outfit pieces you never knew you needed this fall. From that perfect pair of jeans to the classic fall boot, here is how you can find the best outfit pieces for the coziest season of the year.

How to Find the Best Outfit Pieces for Fall 1

1. The Basics You Need

Every outfit needs at least one basic. So, for fall, you will want to flaunt a timeless white t-shirt with the rest of your ensemble. White t-shirts come in a variety of styles and look great on all body types, including plus size. You can get a white t-shirt that has a wider sleeve and a little bit of flair. Or you can get a t-shirt that is more form-fitting.

The white t-shirt will look great on its own or tucked into your fall jeans and topped off with stylish boots. Or if the sun is still out this fall, you could even get away with stylish sandals and sunglasses.

2. The Business Stuff

This fall, flaunt your best self and be a powerhouse in your career. With many companies having staff return to work, there is no better time than this fall season to make a great impression. Go for the bold-colored tops in hues of blue. Now is the best time of year to also rock your trench coat. Nothing screams business more than a classic trench, which comes in various sizes including plus size.

3. The Minimal Ensemble

This fall, the style is all about keeping it basic. So work your minimalistic magic and rock the simple stuff. This means that a black top with black jeans and black boots is really all you need to look stylish and effortlessly cool this fall season. Best of all, an all-black ensemble is flattering on all body types, including those that are plus size.

4. The Bright Clothes

Of course, just because the days are getting shorter does not mean you only have to dress in the dark. Nothing quite brightens up the fall season than vibrant hues in your wardrobe. This season, from sunshine yellow to ocean blue, is all about wearing hues that make you happy. Plus, it is a reliable way to truly brighten up your day. So do not shy away from wearing bright clothes.

5. The Onesie

Wearing onesies is always going to be something that is comfortable. But this fall season it is cool too. So rather than having to fuss around with layers and matching pieces, you can rock a onesie with zero additional effort required. It is a simple and chic way to look great this fall—and bonus, they come in plus size too. So literally anyone can feel fabulous in their onesie this fall.

6. The Bold Blazer

Another absolute must this fall season is the bold blazer. Not only does it enhance all outfits—whether that be weekend casual or corporate attire—but it also adds a simple layer of warmth for those crisp fall mornings. You can rock a bold blazer with jeans, with a skirt, or even with shorts if the sun is still out. Whatever you decide to match it with, know that you will look brilliant this fall season.

7. The Wide-Legged Jeans

While skinny jeans have had their fun in the sun, it is time for wide-legged jeans to make a comeback this fall. Having a pair of jeans that are baggier and distressed give off a classic fall look that we hope never goes out of style. These are pretty easy to find, as they come in all sizes that include plus size.

8. The Oversized Sweater

Of course, fall would not be complete without the baggy sweater. So make sure you find yourself one that is about two sizes too big—including those who are already plus size—so that you can get the full oversized sweater experience this fall.


There are so many great ways to find the perfect fashion pieces for fall. What will you look for first?

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