French-Inspired Bedroom – How to Achieve the Look for Less

Whenever we think about the French, we relate them with the elegant and refined style. French-inspired bedrooms are made with vintage style frames, attractive woodcuts and wooden accessories, deep-buttoned upholstery, painted with soft and pastel shades.

To match the furniture and room accessories, paint the walls and floors in white, champagne cream, or any soft pastel shades. Add some spice to your perfectly French bedroom by layering plenty of textiles such as silky satins, floral patterns, matched with some sparkly lamps, and an attractive chandelier.

Inspiration for more French-inspired bedroom arrangements can be found in the following text. 

French-Inspired Bedroom - How to Achieve the Look for Less

French Wardrobes 

Rustic French armoires painted in white or some other pastel color will perfectly go along with other luxurious or vintage furniture you have got in your bedroom.

The style of the French wardrobes is impeccable because they convey the spirit of old, royal times. These wardrobes are usually handmade and all decorations are mostly hand-carved, and they are available with the wooden or glass door, with or without the mirror.

Try to match the wardrobe with the color scheme of the room since the French-styled rooms usually have unique color schemes varying from white to pastel pink, or with the colorful, floral pattern. 

Uni-Color Paint Scheme 

Plain white walls and matching furniture enriched with satin and silky fabrics in combination with the golden elements and antique mirrors are a decorative great option.

With the whitewashed color, you should keep all of your furniture in bright colors as well and try out some combinations with floral patterns of the pastel colors, or even make the decor stand out with some contrasting pieces of furniture. 

Printed walls are one of the peculiarities of the French-style bedroom. Papered rolls inspired by the 19th-century patterns are well-balanced with floral motifs and laced edges.

Since these prints can be quite colorful whether it is in pastel or some even more intensive colors, then the rest of the furniture must be balanced out with some elements of the plain and unicolor design. 

French bedrooms have the spirit of soft cotton candy and therefore pastel pink coloring will accentuate the rose hue, warming the atmosphere.

This color palette aims to increase comfort and give the space the elegant and refined note that the French style is all about. 

Rustic Bed 

Rustic furniture is quite popular lately no matter the style, but everything about French-style is vintage, minimalistic, and rustic.

Materials like curved wood painted in white or pastel colors, or even with some buttoned chiffon with the floral, vivid patterns are great choices for the type of bedroom you are aiming to create.

Since the rustic style is modern nowadays, it will not only make your room like the ones of French dames but will give a contemporary note to the design. 

Dramatic Boudoir With Dark Colors 

Contrary to the soft pastel colors, consider painting your walls and ceiling in darker shades and match it with the antique elements inspired by Japanese motifs.

These colors will make your room look more accentuated. The entire atmosphere can be elevated with accessories like plants, decorations with metallic elements, and contrasting colors like turquoise blue or deep purple. 

Rounded Furniture 

Elegant chairs painted in plain white or pastel colors in combination with floral patterns richly wood-curved will give the romantic and refined spirit.

Soft, rounded lines will pronounce the French elegance even more. Even though the contemporary styles propose sharp, geometric shapes, using the furniture with rounded edges will create the unique king Louis the XV atmosphere. 

Beams and Sturdy Walls 

If the room of your dreams is in the attic full of beams with sturdy walls, it is a perfect chance to paint them in soft, pastel colors with the combination of accentuated and soft ceiling or even floor lights.

Another way of finishing is to put on the colorful, floral bedding. If your timber beams are in bad condition, then you should consider their total reparation before you decide to move in. 

Bed Canopy

The classical French style is marked with chic looks and a cozy atmosphere. But no ordinary French bedroom is made without a luxurious bed canopy.

This feminine element is usually decorated with floral patterns or is made of silky and satin materials creating a romantic and soft atmosphere. 

French-styled bedrooms are one of the feminine secret desires. This style has the impeccable spirit of luxury, feminine softness, elegant shapes, and refined lines.

The color palette might be gentle or dramatic, but it’s always pleasant, beautiful, and appealing. Everything about French-like decorations, motives, and patterns is subdued to refined luxury. 

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