7 Gifts to Give Your Grandma She’d Never Expect

grandma gifts
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One of the most important women in your life, your grandma, has always given you a lot of love and care and never asked for anything in return.

Now it’s your turn to show her how much you appreciate her by gifting her something special.

Although finding the right gifts for grandma is not an easy task, we put together a list of a few ideas you can try out.

1. For the Stylish Grandma: Jewelry 

Probably one of the prettiest ways you could show your grandma how much you love her is by gifting her jewelry.

A gorgeous pair of earrings, a dainty pearl ring or an elegant gemstone bracelet will for sure be a hit with your fashionable grandma. 

2. For the Grandma Who Loves Blooms: Flower Subscription

You could never go wrong with gifting any woman flowers, especially your grandma.

Your nana probably loves gardening, the smell of freshly cut blooms and always has a little piece of nature in her home.

Show her how much you love her by sending her a beautiful flower arrangement each month. Add a heartfelt handwritten note and you’re all set. 

3. For the Sweets-Lover Grandma: Chocolate Box

Who doesn’t love chocolate?

If your nana is a sweets-lover like most of us, spoil her by gifting her a gourmet box (or more) filled with different flavors of tasty chocolates for her to devour while relaxing at home. We guarantee she will enjoy tasting all of them.

4. For the Grandma Who Needs to Relax: Foot Massager 

After all that running around chasing after the grandkids and cooking delicious meals, your grandma needs a little pampering. Bring the spa in her home and gift your nana a relaxing foot massager.

Perfect for creating a little wellness session right at home, this device is perfect for both massaging and soothing pain. 

5. For the Master Chef Grandma: Kitchen Utensils and Appliances

Your grandma is probably the best cook you know, so it’s safe to say that she spends a lot of time in the kitchen. Gift her something practical which she can use every time she is in the kitchen.

It can be something more original, like a donut maker or an air fryer, or you can choose a more classic option like a personalized cutting board or a handmade apron. 

6. For the Grandma Who Loves Tea Time: Tea Subscription 

A delightful treat for the grandma who enjoys sipping on a hot beverage every day, the tea subscription would make for a great gift for nana, which she will probably not expect.

Choose a mix of different blends, from your classic green tea to a variety of spiced chai and fruit flavors to be sent to your grandma’s house each month. 

7. For the Active Grandma: Activewear & Gear

For that active nana who enjoys a good hike every weekend and loves to keep her energy levels up, a good pair of hiking boots, a stylish yoga set, or the latest fitness tracker would make for really nice gifts.

Besides being the perfect way to help your nana stay healthy, nice equipment that reminds her of her favorite grandkid (you) is the perfect way to keep nana motivated to get her workout in. 

Julie Higgins
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