Fresh New Look: 5 Talked About Hairstyle Trends This 2023

There are days when you could say that you’re having a “bad hair day,” where it seems like your tresses are too hard to manage and everything is just a mess.

Fortunately, this hair phenomenon could be prevented if you know how to properly style your hair or visit a salon and have a professional do it for you.

Yearly, the hair trends tend to change. In this sense, it’s essential that you change a few hairstyles you got used to and take risks of embracing change to get a glow up.

Whether you have colored hair or dark black hair, there are tons of hairstyles that would suit both your personality and style. Here are a few hairstyle trends this 2022 that you could try out.

Talked About Hairstyle Trends This 2022 1

Curtain Bangs

If you’re not a huge fan of traditional straight-cut bangs, this might be the best option! So whether you have short or long hair, curtain bangs would be a good idea!

Curtain bangs have been popular for several years before, especially when people have been huge fans of Korean dramas, where the main characters typically have bangs.

The trend doesn’t seem to have faded even now that it’s 2022. Not to mention, this hairstyle goes well with any face shape.

Additionally, you don’t need a strict hair care routine, as these kinds of bangs are very low maintenance. But, it would always be best to have a hairdresser cut it for you instead of doing it at home to prevent mistakes.

Thus, for the busy bee who wants to have bangs but cannot commit to having high-maintenance styles, get curtain bangs as they are easy to manage and grow!

Collarbone Cut

Have you been thinking of getting a short haircut, but you’re afraid it might become too short for your liking? Worry not! A collarbone hairstyle could be a good choice.

Typically, it wouldn’t be hard to transition from having long hair to a short hairstyle with a collarbone cut as you could still tie your hair in a ponytail.

A collarbone cut is like a grown-out bob haircut but a little longer. Also, it’s a great hairstyle during the summer, especially if you try doing a few beach waves to put the volume on your hair.

At a time, having visible collar bones became a trend as it was deemed a good physical feature. Thus, get a collarbone cut if you want a hairstyle that could help flaunt your collar bones.

Bixie Cut

Bixie cuts could bring out the fun side of your personality. Not to mention, they are low-maintenance too. From the word itself, it’s a combined style of pixie cut and a bob cut.

Thus, equally, you may see features of these two haircuts in one hairstyle.

Additionally, a pixie cut is perfect for a woman of any age. Also, it goes well with any face shape, making it perfect for anyone who wants fun-looking hair or those who want to chop their hair but don’t want to go through high-maintenance hair care routines.

This new hairstyle could be one of the things to help you complete that summer look you want to achieve!

90’s Inspired Long Layered Haircut

If you’re a fan of the series F.R.I.E.N.D.S., then you surely know Jennifer Aniston, who played the role of Rachel Green’s most iconic layered hairstyle. This 2022 seems like this hairdo isn’t going anywhere and is just here to stay.

Sometimes having straight-cut hair seems to be boring and doesn’t entirely help enhance a person’s face. Not to mention, there’s not much volume on it.

But, by having heavy layers, you could enjoy volume every time, and it’s a great go-to hairstyle for women with thick hair. A hair balayage would be perfect for this cut to give you the highlights you need.

Having thick hair could be hard to manage and very high maintenance. If your hair is cut in layers, you could enjoy more volume and have that natural waves to perfect your new look!

Short Bouncy Ringlets

Curly hair trends are back in 2022! Additionally, not only women could slay this hairdo since even men could try this, and it will indeed create a big positive impact.

If you plan on having this kind of hairstyle, it’s always to have bigger ringlets to make it more appealing.

Not to mention, if you think your curly ringlets are too tight, you can opt to ask your stylist to loosen them up to have a smoother result.

But, remember that this hairstyle is prone to dryness, so ensure that you also have a good hair care routine to make it work.

Final Thoughts

One of the easiest ways to have a fresher look is to have a new hairstyle. Having good-styled hair could help you complete your look.

Not to mention, fashion is not the only way to express yourself; you can do it even through your hairstyle. Thus, check out the hairstyles mentioned above if you want to join in the latest hair trends this 2022!

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