8 Home Decor Trends To Follow In 2023

There is no denying that 2023 will present us with new home décor trends competing for the

Whether you’re doing a quick interior design revamp or in the process of renovating your home, staying updated with the latest home décor and interior design trends for this year can help ensure that your home looks modern and fashionable.

From a stronger focus on sustainable materials and natural home decor to unconventional colors
and textures gaining popularity, this article shares the top home décor trends to follow in the year
to come.

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1. A Stronger Focus On Green, Thrifted Materials

Although different shades of green are a growing trend in home décor, we’re talking about using
sustainable and eco-friendly materials.

As the world continues to mitigate the negative impact of global warming, more and more homeowners are being mindful of their home décor materials.
People are ditching fast home decor and furniture and are now opting for vintage, used pieces.
As such, thrifting for home décor is also expected to increase in 2023.

Aside from its environmental benefits, interest in thrifting décor is fueled by the higher living costs, allowing
homeowners to find unconventional items that add a unique flair to their homes without breaking
the bank.

2. Yes To Biophilic Design

In addition to thrifting vintage home decor, eco-conscious homeowners also incorporate natural
materials into their homes.
Due to the pandemic, people now crave the great outdoors.

Most homeowners have incorporated interior greenery elements as much as possible, from statement plants to botanical patterns.
If you have the budget, you can go all out and create a specialized biophilic design. It means
renovating your home to bring characteristics of the natural outdoors into built spaces, such as
indoor gardens, water features, and glazing that allows more natural light.

It also highlights natural décor elements such as stone and wood. If you’re thinking about modifying your home to incorporate biophilic design, consider using the best 3D interior design software to help visualize the space and what to expect.

3. Love The Curvy Visuals

Thanks to the popularity of minimalism, straight lines have dominated the principles of interior

However, in 2023, modernist arches and beautiful curves will take the spotlight.
These elements are expected to pop up anywhere, from curved wall arches to rounded furniture.
Their playfulness can add interest to a minimal design, making it stand out in the right way.

It also adds a sense of movement and drama to a space or can be used to highlight certain features
of your interior.

For instance, arched doorways and recessed shelves allow you to add dimension and unique
shapes to the area. Wavy striped wallpapers are an easier way to bring fluidity and softness to a

4. Art Deco Refueled

For avid fans of luxury home decor, this one’s for you. Popular in the 1920s, the Art Deco home
décor is expected to make a major comeback in 2023.

Ornate details are on the rise from using rich colors, decadent detail work, and bold geometry lines, bringing in luxury and glamour.
Don’t be afraid to mix and match different materials and textures—from fan mosaic tiles to
geometric art pieces—to create an eclectic and sophisticated space.

Whether you add a few Art Deco-inspired decors or go all-out, this is one home décor trend that will turn heads.

5. Establishing Soul Spaces

When decorating your home, you want to incorporate your personal touch to create a unique
space. After all, it’s meant to be your haven—somewhere you can feel calm, content, and
On that note, more people are looking for home-furnished products nourishing the spirit and
soul. That is why soul spaces are becoming popular today.

Emerging from the past year’s trend of letting your unique personality do the designing, soul spaces are all about creating a sanctuary for you and your family.
It allows you to become expressive, creating unique designs. The increasing popularity of soul
spaces has also allowed niche design trends such as Japandi and Parisian-style apartments to pick
up steam.

Most of these interior designs offer an eclectic mix of patterns and styles that allows
you to create something expressive and creative for your enjoyment.

6. Multifunctional Pieces

For this year and the next, most homeowners are expected to love furniture pieces that serve
more than one purpose.

Complementing a minimalistic lifestyle, multifunctional pieces mean less furniture, reducing potential home clutter.
Instead of getting individual units to store your belongings, coffee tables can be used as an extra
storage area.

Meanwhile, well-designed ottomans can serve as a footrest, another seating area, a
table surface, and a storage unit in one.
Sofa beds are also gaining popularity, allowing homeowners to transform a living room into an
instant guest room.

7. The Rise Of Dark Academia

An all-white look has been a favorite theme for a long time. While it’s still quite popular, more
people are expected to gravitate towards the mysterious aesthetics of dark academia schemes this

This color theme is meant to be moody and atmospheric, emphasizing an old fashion look with
darker, enigmatic feels. While some people may find it too intimidating and scary, dark themes
evoke peace, deep calmness, and a sense of nostalgia.

Dark academia themes can be incorporated into different styles, from modern to traditional spaces.

8. Tactile Textures In Almost Everything

Experts predict that texture will have a big presence in home décor this 2023. In particular,
tactile textures will be seen in everything from couches and pillows to backsplashes and
It is because the texture can easily add visual interest and warmth to even the dullest room.
Texture also works well with any color palette and layering, giving any room a more attractive
Therefore, expect to see more dimensions and texture just about anywhere. Textured fabrics such
as leather and boucle will also continue to gain popularity, giving any room a luxurious, high-
end look.


There you have it! These are just some of the hottest home décor trends that are expected to
make waves in 2023.

Staying updated with the latest interior design trends can help keep your home looking contemporary and on-trend.
Whether you’re tired of an old, outdated interior or want to add a contemporary touch, consider
taking inspiration and following the above home décor trends.

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