How To Clean Tv Screen Without Damaging It

How to clean Tv screen without damaging it? An essential question, when the technologies brands and development institutes offer Tv and smart devices screens with many features, and protections. Many of the latest high- tech Tv screens are quite sensitive and fragile even if you press them. Irreversibly could be scratched and damaged by different cleaning products and tools.

So, before you ruin your TV and turn it into a unuseful household read carefully some of our tips on how to clean Tv screen without damaging it.

Cleaning methods are pretty much the same, no matter if your Tv is LCD, LED, or OLED. Of course, if you are still having a tube Tv then there is nothing to worry about when you clean it, besides not splitting liquid around.

Here is a friendly reminder, make sure you are cleaning your Tv screen on a switched off mode. It is not because of security reasons only, but of practical as well. You would be able to see stains better when the screen is switched off.

Following these easy steps of cleaning your Tv screen you can enjoy your favorite Tv show and series on a spotless screen.

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What you need to clean Tv screen without damaging it?

No matter what type of Tv you have, you will need a dry fine microfiber towel cloth. Usually, there are specially designed microfiber towels to clean all types of fragile surfaces such as screens, glasses, cell phones, camera lenses. They are made in special technology and material that captures dirt and prevents it from spreading it on.

In case there are stains, and fingerprints on your Tv screens you will need some extra products to get rid of them. When there are kids around, fingerprints all over the house are something natural. But often is very difficult to clean them, especially from the Tv screen.

Forget about using wet paper towels, or washing sponge when it comes to cleaning your Tv screen. There are special detergents for screens that are safe and clean stains easily.

How To Clean Light Dirt And Dust From Screens

The static electricity attracts dust and microscopic textile fibers from the air like a magnet. Here is why you can notice a layer of dust on the screen even a day after you have cleaned up.

If there is just a dust layer on the screen you can simply swipe it up with a fine microfiber towel cloth. Follow one direction while cleaning the screen. Remember, you are cleaning a sensitive surface, not the windows or oven.

Forget about circular movements and pressure. If you are pressing too hard you can damage your screen and as result, dark spots will appear on it. For more secure cleaning, simply fold the microfiber towel into two-three layers. In this way, you will have smoother movements and will keep the screen from damages.

Make sure you clean the dust around the place where the Tv frame begins using cotton tampon, or cotton- buds.

How To Clean Fingerprints And Stains From The Screen

How To Clean Tv Screen Without Damaging It

Fingerprints and stains on the Tv screen is so natural when there are kids around, or you have four paw friend living with you.

In these situations, a simple wipe with a microfiber cloth is just doesn’t work. Of course, there are some great detergents, especially for screens. As an alternative, you can use deionized water too. If there are thicker stains, then you can mix 1:1 deionized water and white vinegar.

It is important to remember not to spray the detergent directly on the screen to keep the Tv screen edges dry. If a liquid flows between the screen and its frame there is a possibility of damages on its matrix. You should spray the microfiber towel instead, plus clean up in one direction only.

Never use glass sprays based on alchol, especially on matte screens. Also, you should never scratch the screen using a nail or abrasive tools.

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