how to cleanup keyboard

No matter if you use your computer for fun, or for work, you should never forget to clean its surface, display, and of course the keyboard.

It is not a secret that cleaning electronics sometimes could harm their software and damage them entirely.

Well, this could happen if you don’t pay attention and read the product care instructions.

You could not imagine how many germs, dirt, and dust are in the tiny space between the keys. It could be said this is the dirtiest place around you.

When the world goes crazy about cleaning, sterilization, and disinfection, you need to make sure your home and working environment are clean enough. You should never forget to be responsible for your own health and the people around you.

So, before you shut down your computer next time, make your work area shiner and cleaner, and do not forget to clean the keyboard.

The good news is today’s electronics are getting smarter. There are some keyboards with removable individual keys which make the cleaning underneath as easy as a kid game.

Make sure you read the keyboard manual instructions before you start removing, or replacing them.

Here are some great techniques about how to get rid of all germs from your keyboard.

How To Clean An External Keyboard

Let’s start with the most common keyboards. No matter if it is wireless, or there is a plug-in cable, you need to switch it off before you start.

  • Turn the keyboard upside down to let all the small debris to fall down.
  • Use a can of compressed air to blow away the remaining debris. If there are remaining debris, use a toothpick to get them out.
  • Damp cotton swabs with rubbing alcohol and clean between the keys.
  • Clean the keyboard surface and surrounding area with a microfiber cloth.

Let the keyboard to dry out before you plug-in or swith it on agan.

How To Clean A Laptop Keyboard

How to clean the build-in keyboards. You will need a cleaning slime or tape, and disinfecting wipes. Here are the steps to follow:

  • Turn the laptop off and disconnect it from the power chain.
  • Flip it upside down to get all the debris to fall down naturally. You can use here the compressed air too in order to get all the debris out.
  • Get all the germs away using the cleaning slime or the cleaning tape. The best thing of this method is that you can use them to clean around and under the keys.
  • Use the disinfecting wipes to make the keys surface and surrounding area cleaner and shinnier. Make sure the wipes are not too wet. You coud even squeeze them out before you wipe the keyboard.
  • Polish your build-in keyboard using the microfiber cloth.

Leave the laptop switched off while dryes out.

Easy steps you can follow to keep your laptop or computer keyboard cleaner.

Do not forget a clean and tidy working place is a key for a efficient work process.

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