how to get slime out of carpet

Carpet is the perfect solutions for add texture, color and accent in our home.

There is no doubt the room gets a completely different look when you add a colorful, fluffy and big carpet.

It is not a secret that you should take special care of all textiles at home. You remember the cleaning tips of throw pillows, don’t you?

Here we are on The Big Cleanup next part of the series and our new cleaning target is the carpet.

It is time to get slime out of it and make it look like a brand new.

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Getting the slime out could be done by homemade vinegar spray, any carpet cleaner from the store, or use rubbing alcohol.

Having a clean and fluffy carpet is something your kids and the whole family will love. Probably you will need to try several cleansing techniques before you find the key to slime-free carpets.

A cool game for the kids and a great “workout” for the mothers. Slime could damage your carpet if you don’t act properly and smartly.

As a beginning get an old toothbrush or sturdy scrub brush, some paper towels, and a lot of patience.

1Removing The Slime

Ok, the disaster happened- a slim appears on the carpet. Don’t panic, take a breath, and get your magic stick. 1,2, 3, and the slime disappeared.

Yes, we know you are a magician and a fairy at the same time but save the power of your magic stick for something more important.

  • Get a spatula or a spoon to scoop out the slime.
  • In case there is still a thin layer on the carpet, get a knife to scarp it off.
  • Vacuum the area after the slime dried out and try to clean all of the slimes excesses.
  • Choose your cleaning product- vinegar, carpet cleaner, citrus solvent, or rubbing alcohol. You are free to choose the one you like the most.
  • Safety first- do not forget to use gloves and mask to protect yourself, especially if you treat the carpet with chemical products.

2Treating The Stain

Apply the product treatment of your choice on the stain. On some occasions, you need to use a towel soaked with the product itself and press into the carpet. This is how the product will reach the stain without spreading it. And you will be how to get the slime out of the carpet easily.

  • Soap or dish detergent- an easy homemade spray that could find wide range usage at home. From bugs and pests treatment on the plants to slime stain remover. For a better result, you could add lemon juice or white vinegar.
  • White vinegar goes hand by hand with the soda. The combination will foam a little bit and this will pull out the slime from the roots.

Chemicals- when you use chemicals at home make sure you are keeping them away from the reach of the kids. Always use protection like gloves, mask, and even eye wear to protect your eyes if the liquid sprinkle. Not least read the instructions really carefully.

Rubbing alcohol- scoop the slime away as much as possible. Leave the rubbing alcohol to soak for a while and scrub away with the toothbrush. Follow up with warm water and leave it to dry out.

The Big Cleanup How To Get Slime Out Of Your Carpet