15 awesome group halloween costume ideas to rock this season

“When black cats prowl and pumpkins gleam,
May luck be yours on Halloween.”

Halloween is just behind the corner. Are you ready for a spooky makeover? Be inspired by these group Halloween costume ideas and rock on!

One thing is sure, this Halloween season we will enjoy a variety of styles, inspired by movie scenes, TV shows and music videos, and of course some traditional classics.

Get your scary, funky, and cute Halloween costumes, and let’s play trick or treat.

1Newleyweds Zombies

When it comes to Halloween you all are prepared for zombies, and of course newlyweds. These costumes perfectly fit for couples.

It is a great variation if you want to see yourself as a real bride. You will have the chance to wear the white tutu dress, do a perfect makeup and hairstyle.

2Nightmare Before Christmas

Halloween town costumes are everything you need for a scary, spooky celebration. It offers horrifying and at the same time funny cute creatures. Great for your little funny kids.

3Cotton Candy Halloween Costume

Sweet, fluffy cotton candy. What a wonderful costume idea. Baby colors, nice accessories, and the feeling of sitting on a cloud.

4Emoji’s Group Halloween Costume Ideas

Emoji’s symbols are part of our everyday life and culture. Considered as the modern version of the Egyptian Hieroglyph

So much popular that there are plenty of home items, toys, and decorations with emojis.

Of course, there is even a Halloween emoji, so why won’t you try these funny emoji Halloween costume ideas? You could be anything you wish- from a pizza slice to the dancing Spanish woman.

Simply cool!

5Favorite Cartoons Halloween Costume

Cartoons are all family favorites. It is not a secret that keeps the inner child in us more cheerful. Yes, probably they are too cute for group Halloween costume ideas. Imagine the whole gang around you wearing costumes of your favorite animation character. You will get into the cartoons and the joy is sure.

6Food Group Halloween Costume Ideas

Each year on Halloween you could meet all kinds of walking sandwiches, a bottle of ketchup, and mustard. You could be more creative and dress your self as maki, nigiri, and sashimi. Get the soy sauce and hit the Helloween party.

7Pokemon Go


Mystic, instinct, or valor? If you think the Pokemon mania has gone, you are wrong. People are still obsessed with it. Choose your team and start collecting sweets treats.

8Who Said Donuts?

Grab your cup of coffee and a dozen donuts, get your partner next to you and patrol the neighbor. You will definitely find some little, dangerous criminals around.

9“A Galaxy Far, Far Away…”

An absolute classic! One thing is sure, these Halloween costume ideas will remain in history. The iconic hairstyle of Princess Leia or the specific voice of Darth Vader is so recognizable even if you are not a fan of the series.

10“Winter Is Coming”

Game of Thrones is another preferable costume theme. Little dragons and of course the mother dragon, all famous characters from this epic TV series.

11“Avengers Assemble!” 

If you want to see all the heroes and planet savers, Halloween is the time. From Captain America to Batman and The Joker, of course.

12The World Of Lego

Lego world is creative, colorful, and playful. What’s a better option for your Halloween costume.


The mummies invasion on Halloween. Easy and effective costumes for the whole family and friends. Establish a little Egypt with mummies costume and collect your sweet treats in the Pyramids.

14A Little Bit Of Magic

One Thousand and One Nights presented in one picture. Aladdin and his magical lamp. The beautiful Princess Jasmin and the magic carpet. So many characters to choose from to put up this wonderful and magical story.

15Girl Power

Girls and women prove their superpower every day. But when it comes to Halloween, be prepared to see their strongest weapons and capacity.

Batman, Captain America- be ready for the real battle!

16Led Halloween Scary Mask

A total hit for the upcoming Halloween. These led masks are perfect accessory for your costume. Lighten up in the dark Halloween night and get tons of attention.

17The Simpson’s

The Simpsons- a historical animated sitcom. If you want to stand out with your group Halloween costumes the yellow family is a perfect choice. Not only because of their immutable characters, but because of their color too.

18Harley Quinn

Suicide Squad- your secret government agency against black ops. Modern and trendy superhero costumes for any age.

19Be A Fashion Icon

Be fabulous! Show off your real class and style. Fantastic costume idea for BFF.

15 Awesome Group Halloween Costume Ideas To Rock This Season

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