The Big Cleanup: Genius Ways To Get Rid Of Rust

It is not a secret that metal tools and objects are prettier when they are shiny and look new. Unfortunately, some of them can easily look damaged by rust.

How to handle rust removing, and why it appears on the steel and metal objects?

This is because of the reaction between the iron with the water, and the oxygen.

Here are some genius ways of rust removing to keep our metal objects shinier for longer.

Yes, this is the next chapter of our The Big Cleanup series. Get all the knives out of the drawer and make them shine bright like a diamond!

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1Dish Soap With A Combination Of Salted Potato

Ok, dish soap- nothing weird, but salted potato? Sounds strange, isn’t it?

Potatos contain oxalic acid, which is the magic ingredient. It is a main element in most cleaning products.

This cleaning method is pretty easy and cheap. All you need to do is to cut the potato on two, add a small amount of dish soap and sprinkle with salt, or for a better result- baking soda. It acts similar to the abrasive products. Get the rusted object and start rusting it. You will be amazed at how the rust dissolves and the damaged area gets cleaner. Rinse with clear water and dry out.

2Rust Removing With Baking Soda

The baking soda is simply magical. Not only because it makes our bakery fluffier and soft, but because it has a magical touch in the cleaning.

Here is how to use it to get rid of the rust on your steel and metal objects.

Simply mix baking soda and water to make a paste. Cover the rusted area and leave it for at least an hour. Use a wire brush or steel wool to polish, and rinse with water. Do not forget to dry it out thoroughly.

3White Vinegar Rust Removing

Simillar to the baking soda, white vinegar is the other remarkable product in the kitchen. Usuful for delicious sauces and dips, but for polishing the whole house.

This method is great for knives and other steel or metal tools. All you need a jar and white vinegar.

Pour the vinegar into the jar and soak the tools for the night. Scrub them with steel wool or wire brush. Wash them with dish soap and rinse with water. If some of the stains remain, repeat.

4Lemon And Salt Rust Removal

Good for small rust stains, this method is simple and combines salt abrasiveness with the lemon acidity.

Cover the rusted area with salt and after add lemon juice over. Let the ingredients to mix and leave it for two hours.

Scrub the area with lemon rind or wire brush, wash and dry throughly.

5Chemical Solutions For Rust Removal

Of course, there are ready to use products that could be found in the stores.

They are easy to use, but sometimes they could damage some of the items. Here is why is important to read the information provided by the producer. Some of them could rub not only the rust but the paint or other coats of the objects.

6How To Prevent Rust

You can prevent the rust before it appears and helps your steel and metal objects live longer. All you need to do is to make sure you keep them in a dry spot. Knives and other kitchen steel tools should be dry out right after you wash them. Avoid leaving them in the sink or the dishwasher.

There are some coated products and sprays that make the water resiting layer and the rusting process is blocked.