How to Make Time for Date Night

Any long-term couple will know that date nights become less frequent the longer you are together. Once you get completely comfortable around one another, it is tempting to dispose of date nights altogether and spend time with one another in front of the telly or at home.

However, making time to do special things with your partner is a great way to remind yourself why you’re with them in the first place.

But in a world where everyone is booked at least 3 weeks in advance, it can be hard to make time for this most important of rituals.

But with some organization and quirky reminders, you can enjoy a date night together alongside your busy schedules.

How to Make Time for Date Night 1

Make the effort

Organizing date night starts with making the effort. Nobody wants to feel like they’re the only one planning everything and putting in all the work, so make sure you go out of your way to suggest activities you can do together and potential times to do it.

In order to make your partner feel loved and valued, make sure to reciprocate their enthusiasm. You could show this with a romantic gesture or a beautiful gift like a pair of diamond earrings. Whatever your love language, it will be most gratefully received.

Set Boundaries

If you’re both dedicated to spending some quality time together, you will need to set some boundaries so that you are fully focused on date night. Have a discussion before about what you both want out of date night; from there you can make sure that you both get what you need.

If you want to reconnect with more intimate topics, perhaps set a limit on how much you talk about work. It might be a good idea to leave your phones at home if you can to limit distractions.

Create a Budget

If you like the high life but don’t exactly have the budget for it, put some money aside for a few weeks so you can afford something really special. Whether it’s a tenner a week or £2 a day, once you have the necessary budget for your desired activity, you’re much more likely to do it.

Split it up

Perfect for couples who are short on time, you can split your date over a few evenings, mornings or afternoons.

If you both can’t find a time that works for you both, why not do something fun together for an hour every day for a week? You’ll be amazed at how close you get in the process.

Have Fun

By far the most important thing to do is have fun! If this means having a gardening afternoon or something you’ve never tried before, then relish it.

A date isn’t a date unless there are plenty of giggles.

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