Ideas for Saving Space in a Small Bedroom

When your bedroom is so small that there is barely enough room for all of your furniture, how do you save on space and reduce clutter?

A tiny bedroom can feel cozy, but it can also be confining. If you want to open up the space a bit or just make better use of your space, here are a few ideas to help you out.

Ideas for Saving Space in a Small Bedroom

Go Vertical

One of the best ways to make more space in any room is to use vertical space. How much of the wall and ceiling space is being used?

In children’s bedrooms, the ceiling is a great place to hang decorations or to use as storage by putting long, hanging baskets there. The walls can be used for storage as well, by adding shelves, cupboards, and other storage options to the walls and making good use of your space.

If you are looking to make more room on the floor, try picking furniture that is tall rather than squat and wide. The clothes you would normally fold and place in drawers can be placed on hangers and put into a tall closet rather than a short bureau.

Use the Space Under the Bed

You may be hesitant to put anything under your bed due to dust or the inconvenience of storing things there, but there are some nifty ways to make good use of that part of the bedroom.

To prevent dust from building up on anything you store under the bed, place the items in a plastic bin or into bags. To make it easy to access anything under the bed, use a sliding drawer setup, which can cost a bit to set up but makes it super convenient to access anything under the bed.

It is probably best to use the under-bed storage for items you don’t use often, especially if you are going to place them far under the bed.

You can use the edge of the bed to store the items you use more often, like shoes and sporting equipment. Using this space keeps these items off the floor and away from the walls, giving you more room to work with.

Keep It Neat

A room that is messy will likely feel smaller than it really is. Clutter creates tripping hazards and makes it difficult to navigate the room, so it is important to keep everything organized and clean as much as possible in a small bedroom and reduce visual clutter where possible. You can do this in a few ways.

One of our best tips for keeping a clean bedroom is to clean as you go. Just pick things up and put them away as you see them out of order.

Secondly, have set cleaning times for the bedroom, as you should for each room. This ensures that the bedroom gets tidied regularly. Thirdly, make sure there is an appropriate location assigned for everything in the bedroom.

Don’t just have a dumping area in the room, as that will accumulate clutter quickly and become difficult to tackle. Fourthly, use some great maids or cleaning services for your city to help you keep up with the cleaning.

You don’t need to do it all for yourself if you can afford to hire a maid service periodically.

Rearrange Furniture

Are you using the available space in your bedroom as economically as possible? There might be a different furniture arrangement you could try that will free up some space and give you more room to work with.

Try moving the bed to a new position or turn it so it is up against the wall. Make sure all of your furniture is as close to the wall as it can be, and give yourself some extra space in the middle of the room.

Creating a clear path through the room makes the space feel more open and roomier. Try different furniture arrangements until you get one that provides as much space as you can get.

Create Overflow Storage

You will give yourself more space in the room if you remove all possible items from the floor. If you tend to leave clothes or other things on the floor, you can confine them to an overflow bin. Placing a laundry basket in our bedroom or nearby bathroom is a great way to get rid of clothes that accumulate on your floor, bed, and other surfaces.

This reduces clutter and gives you more space in the bedroom.

You can use overflow storage for anything else, like adding a bin to the kid’s room for their toys. This makes it easy for them to clear their floor quickly and reduce clutter.

Bins can be used for sporting equipment and other items that might lean against the wall or the bed and that could fall easily if they are not stored away.

Group Items Together

You may have strong feelings about how your bedroom should be zoned, with one area for dressing and other for sleeping, but in a small bedroom, you might not be able to create all the unique and separated zones that you want.

It’s okay to group like things together and place similar items in the same storage area. Your dresser could be used for more than just clothes if you have some extra space inside it. You could also store extra blankets, brushes, slippers, and other items in there to save space elsewhere in the room.

Look for ways to condense storage, getting rid of baskets, nightstands, and dressers that take up space and that could be combined into another item.

If you can take everything from a basket and fit it into your dresser, why not do that to save some space?

Your small bedroom may seem confining, but you can be smart about how you arrange it and how you deal with storage and clutter. We hope these ideas help you to make more space and create a more appealing, spacious bedroom.

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