How to Keep Your Child Busy During the Lockdown?

Are you also someone who is tired and stressed out in keeping your child busy and less aggressive during this crucial time?

These days we all are in the midst of the biggest crisis of the century. It’s been only a few weeks since this lockdown happened and everybody especially parents are in worry.

Schools are off, and most of the people are working from their homes now. But the question is how to keep your things regularized while keeping your child busy and happy at the same time.

We’re all investing much more energy at home right now which means we’re thinking of better approaches to keep the children engaged. Self -teaching and home-schooling, for a lot of us is a pretty daunting reality. But don’t worry here are some really helpful ways to keep your child engaged.

1. Art and Craft Sessions at home with your child

 Having some art and creative sessions at home are full of fun. Children are undefinably attracted to colours and paints. Let them pick the colour of their choice and create an art piece of their own.

Art is all about creativity. Also, this can be the best time to discover your child’s inner talent.


Gardening is never a bad idea when it comes to keeping your child busy. Buy them a few plants and ask them to take care of them. Let them plant all by themselves.

This will also enhance their sense of responsibility, and increase their knowledge.

3. Give them a schedule

Make a to-do list with all the activities enlisted for your child and paste it anywhere. Ask your child to follow them.

It’s okay if they don’t follow them. But at the end of the day when you ask them about it. They will definitely try to do some of it the next day

4.Give them cooking classes

Involve your little ones when you are cooking/baking. Asking them for their little help will also encourage them that they are capable of doing something.

Snacks such as cornflakes are easy to make and is a food that they can make.  Give them the ingredients and ask them to make their food.

5. Book reading

Children love stories especially when it involves colours and images. A few storybooks in your house can help a lot. Initially, you cannot expect that your child will read the book by himself.

Bedtime can be a good time to tell them stories. This will also help your child develop an interest in book reading and most importantly having quality time with your little ones.

If your child goes to school then make sure his learning abilities are not affected due to this self-isolation period. Try out some fun ways to make your child study. There are now a lot of apps that make easy learning with the entertainment of children.

Most of the children these days have an addiction of mobiles and tablets. In this situation, it has become a vital need to have a parental control app. The app will not only help you to control the screen time of your children but also restricting content that is not suitable for your child.

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