How to Prevent Porch Thefts and Protect Your Packages

Even though some people trust their fellow human beings, this trust does not always prove to be a good thing. According to CNBC, about 36 percent of Americans have had their packages stolen from a porch at least once.

The number is difficult to fathom, especially when you consider how many people order packages every day.

Avoiding such thefts entirely is more or less impossible, and if you have also been a victim and would like to prevent this from happening in the future, here are some tips.

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Tip #1 – Self-Education

While the delivery companies are looking for ways to avoid porch thefts, you need to understand that they are not the only ones improving their strategy. Thieves are just as good, if not better, at coming up with new and innovative methods to get their hands on more packages.

This means that you should educate yourself and be one step ahead when possible. For instance, you can learn how to avoid porch pirates with Neighborhood Square by reading the most recent developments in the fight against porch thieves. 

Of course, you can also take a proactive approach and think of various methods yourself. The bottom line is that doing more will increase the odds of preventing porch thefts.

Tip #2 – Video Systems

Having a video system does not stop the thieves per se, but just knowing that there is a camera that sees everyone in the area should prevent certain individuals from trying to take your package away. 

Also, if a thief still takes a risk and swipes the delivery, you will have useful evidence that authorities will gladly accept. Knowing who is responsible helps when you want to get the package back. Or if a thief has already sold what he has stolen, you can look for another type of compensation.

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Tip #3 – Delivery Keys

Companies like Amazon and Walmart have a feature known as delivery keys. These keys allow couriers to enter your house, garage, or even open a car and leave the package there.

While this high-tech device seems appealing on paper, not everyone is willing to trust a stranger who has access to personal areas. At the end of the day, there is a chance that a delivery key might end in the hands of someone who would use it to their advantage.

In case you are contemplating giving full trust to the delivery company, think about your peace of mind and whether taking a risk is worth it or not.

Tip #4 – Lockers

When you go to a public pool or a bath, you get a locker to put your stuff in, and the key to open the locker is in your hands. Well, the idea is similar for package delivery services.

Instead of leaving your package in a place where it is available for thieves to reach, why not have it dropped where only you can access it? And even if a locker service costs a few extra bucks, it is still worth it when you do not have to worry about your delivery getting swiped from the porch.

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Tip #5 – Delivery to Work

Perhaps one of the best methods to prevent porch thieves from getting away with your package is to have it delivered directly to work. It does not always work that way due to company policy, or the delivery services.

Nevertheless, it is not something to get discouraged about. For instance, if you are a mom who works because you need to support the family, try to speak with your supervisor as well as the delivery company if there is a way to get the package delivered because you are afraid of it getting swiped away from the porch.

Tip #6 – Lockboxes

Homeowners have an option to install lockboxes that are explicitly designed for packages that do not fit in the mailbox. Some lockboxes even have neat features like sending a notification when the package is put inside. And since you or someone you trust will be the only ones to have access, you will not have to worry about porch thieves.

Tip #7 – Specific Delivery Times

Setting delivery times and places is a bother because not every service is willing to accommodate you. Nevertheless, there are alternatives to delivery services, and when you can choose between those who offer better conditions, it should not take any time deciding which one you should pick. After all, it is about doing everything to get a package delivered to your hands in the safest way possible.

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Tip #8 – Post Office

Different countries have different policies when it comes to keeping packages in places like post offices. And the work time of a post office might coincide with your job schedule as well, which would still make it impossible to come and get the package.

However, if you can find a service that can hold a package until you can come and take it personally, consider using it.

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