How To Give Your Kitchen A Modern Rustic Vibe

When you choose to incorporate a modern rustic style in your kitchen, you’ll have to embrace an open floor and modern furniture with neutral and exposed architectural components.

In addition, you’ll need to incorporate subdued colors paired with stone and wood features, including an exposed brick wall, wooden countertops, and many more.  

Include metals with finishes like architectural bronze, antique brass, mahogany, and antique copper. Try to stay away from fabrics and opt for neutral-colored leather. 

To help you further, we have compiled some ways to give your kitchen a modern rustic vibe that’ll be both a conversation and statement piece.

How To Give Your Kitchen A Modern Rustic Vibe

1. Find An Element Of Rustic Charm

Having extra seating space to host friends or have family meals can be a chance to incorporate an element of rustic charm into your kitchen. You can find space to add a rustic wooden table that’ll not only be a dining table but a work surface as well. 

Once you find a table, look for modern but rustic chairs to make an informal seating area. Look for dining tables on Brosa and settle for a set that’ll add to the rustic charm while maintaining a modern feel.

2. Incorporate Hardwood Flooring

To achieve a rustic but modern feel, settle for hardwood flooring with wide planks, distinct grains, and matt tones that creates a vintage finish. You can go for actual hardwood that’s stained and antique. 

You can also get solid flooring materials that mimic the natural hardwood, including rustic engineered hardwood, laminate flooring, or vinyl wood. Hardwood flooring not only offers a rustic modern style but is also timeless and won’t look outdated in a long while. 

It should be readily available in hardware stores near you. Hence, it won’t be a hassle to find.

3. Use Industrial And Natural Elements

Natural elements mixed with the contemporary design create exceptional aesthetics in a kitchen. You can incorporate natural elements using earthy colors in neutral tones, including beige, white, grey, and taupe.  

Include a bit of green by placing succulents or artificial plants to add a touch of color without being overpowering. Include fresh flowers as a centerpiece to fuse in a natural vibe.

The addition of flowers into your rustic kitchen goals will help balance its vibe. Not to mention, it affects you and your family’s mood also.  

In addition, you can integrate an industrial-style kitchen with elements such as practical light fixtures, exposed piping, ductwork, and rigid materials.  

4. Add-In Vintage Look Taps 

For vintage look taps, expect minimalism and an elegant aesthetic that’ll be a perfect addition to your kitchen. Lean towards vintage faucets made with aged industrial brass, which will merge with muted colors and clean lines for a concrete visual experience. 

Before settling on a tap, ensure that it will match your kitchen’s water pressure. Ensure that the spout height will reach far enough, especially if you have low cabinets.

5. Install Colorful Wall Tiles 

Wall tiles are a huge part of the aesthetic, with many styles, designs, and color options matching the modern rustic theme. Adding wall tiles will make it easy to stay clean in case of accidents that tend to be inevitable. 

Tile also offers protection from water damage and moisture to prevent costly injuries. And when getting tile, for a modern rustic theme, opt for natural stone that comes in a range of options, including slate, marble, granite, and many more.  

You can also choose exposed brickwork that adds depth and warmth while still exuding modernness. Luckily, you’ll be able to get 3D-created tiles that have a wood-effect plank with lots of texture and a rustic feel.

6. Replace Your Counters Using Natural Stone 

Nothing screams modern rustic countertops than those made of natural stone customized to your taste. These stones are durable and rugged, making them easy to maintain.

In addition, its complex surface makes it both scratch and heat resistant, making it perfect for countertops that are always in use.  

7. Use Intriguing Accents 

For a modern rustic feel, use brass handles, knobs, and drawer pulls that’ll introduce a luxurious feel to your cabinets.

Apart from brass, black accents on white cabinets will pair beautifully with industrial lighting. Go for the seemingly unusual options you can apply to your kitchen space to achieve that modern rustic vibe.

Bottom Line

In conclusion, many elements can influence the final look of your kitchen space, including wall color, flooring materials, fabrics, texture, lighting, and many more.

When shopping for materials, go for simple finishes, including flagstone or wavy-edged beams to introduce that rustic appeal with modern touches.

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