childproof new house

Moving house is always a stressful period, but if you’ve got a young family, things are a whole lot harder. There are so many more things you’ve got to remember on top of all the normal house moving stuff and the transition is often a lot more difficult for children than it is for the adults.

To make sure things run smoothly a few handy moving hacks will come to your rescue. Packing and unpacking is a time-consuming and stress-inducing activity, so you should focus to make this job as easy as possible. A well-planned battle is half won already.

These handy tips will save you a lot of time, money and will save you the stress of looking for your stuff in a pile of 134 boxes. Unfortunately, we cannot be there to do all the heavy lifting for you!

1Hanger Hack

hanger hack

Slim hangers are the perfect target for a first hack – instead of taking your clothes off and packing them separately, simply slide them together tightly, stick them into a garbage bag, and voila! Your custom-designed moving solution will help you unpack with just a few clicks of scissors.

2Same Size Boxes

same size boxes

We cannot stress enough how important it is to have the same size moving boxes. Once you load them into the van, you will thank yourself. They take way less space than mismatched boxes and leave room for the stuff that can’t be fitted into boxes like your furniture or decorative items. It can also be the difference between paying for a smaller or bigger van – same size boxes are a must!

3Pack Plates Vertically

pack plates vertically

Storing your plates vertically in moving boxes will significantly reduce the chance of them breaking during transport.

4Move Roadmap

move roadmap

Create a roadmap for the moving team that will save you a lot of time moving boxes from one room to another. Few colorful stickers are all it takes to get everything into the right room.

5Box Handles

box handles

Boxes with no handles? Cut them out! It’s safer to carry boxes with handles and better for your back too.

6Mark Cables (see next tip too)

mark cables

Big time saver – mark all your cables with the device they belong to. After that check our next tip.

7Cable Storage

cable storage

Once packed tightly, sort your cables into this handy arrangement of toilet rolls, ready to be used when you need them and you can see all of them without having to dig through a big box of tangled wires and cables.

8Packing Sauces

packing sauces

Sauces? Put them in a cooking pot and unload right into your new kitchen. Seal the lid on the pot with a tape to prevent any sauce pots escaping on the move.

9Knives in Kitchen Gloves

knives in kitchen gloves

Sharp objects should be handled with care. Best place for your sharp knives is in the kitchen glove.

10Packing Earrings

packing earrings

Stick them to a plastic plate and you’ll never worry about finding the missing pair.

11Color Code Rooms

color code the rooms

Color code your rooms to make moving boxes easier.

room labelling

12Kitchen Towels or Packing Paper Between Plates

plates storage

No need to use bubble wrap for everything. Kitchen towels or paper will work just fine for plates transport.

13Roll Up Jewellery

roll up jewelry

Put your jewellery into towels so it doesn’t get tangled on the way. Perfect way to store jewelery on vacations too.

14Use Socks as Glass Protectors

socks on glasses

Clean socks make the perfect protectors for small glasses. Not recommended for wine glasses.

15Pack your First Night Box

pack first night box

First night box is an absolute must to have with you. Here is a handy guide what should you pack in it.

16Books in Suitcases

books in suitcases

Instead of lifting heavy boxes full of books, load them into suitcase with wheels and simply roll out of the house.

17Mark Contents

mark contents

Use simple indications what’s inside each box for quick orientation.

18Change of Address Checklist

change of address checklist

Don’t forget to let everyone know where you’re going. Print this handy checklist for your next move.

19Checklist for First Night in New Home

checklist for first night in a new home

What to do when you get in? Here are a few options.

20Moving with Kids? Childproof New House!

childproof new house

Younger kids love to explore anything and everything and you want them to be able to get to know their new home. That’s why you should head to the house a few days before them and make sure that everything is childproofed beforehand. That way, they’re free to explore as soon as you move in and you don’t need to worry about them getting hurt. There’s a lot to remember when you’re childproofing a house so use this childproofing guide to make sure that you’ve covered all bases. 

So the move doesn’t seem like such a daunting task, right?

Do you have hacks you use yourself? We would love to hear! Leave a comment below!