23+ Gorgeous Ideas for Neon Orange Hair That Turns Heads

Are you looking for a way to add some instant confidence to your look?

Changing your hair color is a great way to do just that. Whether you’re looking for a fun new trend to try out or a start to a completely new chapter in your life, neon orange hair – fierce and fiery, is the perfect fit. This bold hue is sure to turn heads and make the statement you’re looking for.

How to make sure this bold choice is the right one for you? Are you the friend who never seems to keep the same hairstyle for too long, having tried all the colours of the rainbow?

Or have you always preferred to play it on the safer side, sticking with the tried-and-true classics? No matter which shade of opinion you usually stick to, neon orange hair, believe it or not, might just be the perfect match. Are you ready to try it out?

We gathered 25 of our favorite looks to get you inspired! From a playful peekaboo splash of color to the loud and proud neon orange explosion, there’s a look for everyone.

23+ Gorgeous Neon Orange Hair Ideas

Do we have you convinced? Are you ready to add a pop of color to your look with the hottest new trend that took the internet by storm? Let’s go!

1. White Neon Orange Ombre

Neon Orange Hair
Instagram @elevatehair

2. Neon Orange Long Pixie

Neon Orange Hair
Instagram @perpetualwanderer

3. Neon Orange Balayage

Neon Orange Hair
Instagram @hairbyowlz

4. Lava Hair

Neon Orange Hair
Instagram @hairbyowlz

5. Neon Orange Flames

Neon Orange Hair
Instagram @aqwardhairdesign

6. Pink Neon Orange Ombre

Neon Orange Hair
Instagram @angieshairsalon_nc

7. Neon Orange Bob

Neon Orange Hair
Instagram @j.monroe_hair

8. Neon Orange Lob

Neon Orange Hair
Instagram @vanessagvprostylist

9. Neon Orange Exotics

Neon Orange Hair
Instagram @luciddreamhairsacramento

10. Neon Fire

Neon Orange Hair
Instagram @samihairmagic

11. Orange-Pink Balayage

Neon Orange Hair
Instagram @michellesbeauty926

12. Neon Orange Peek-a-Boo Hair

Neon Orange Hair
Instagram @thenetworkmastermind

13. Orange-Teal Flames

neon orange hair 12
Instagram @hair.alchemy.by.joanne

14. Sunset Orange Hair

neon orange hair 13
Instagram @kenz.thegemini

15. Neon Yellow Highlights

Neon Orange Hair
Instagram @briscolorcult

16. Half Orange- Half Green

Neon Orange Hair
Instagram @joeystyleshair

17. Neon Magic

Neon Orange Hair
Instagram @spookycrystals

18. Fire Highlights

neon orange hair 17
Instagram @geekandchicbeauty

19. Neon Orange Chocolate Balayage

Neon Orange Hair
Instagram @thegoodhairvibe

20. Samoan Sunset

Neon Orange Hair
Instagram @aliceaddamshairart

21. Neon Waves

Neon Orange Hair
Instagram @fabulosbycarlos

22. Fairy Flames

Neon Orange Hair
Instagram @salon_indonesia

23. Neon Orange with Neon Yellow Bangs

Neon Orange Hair
Instagram @kriishiparrishct

24. Brunette with Neon Orange Highlights

Neon Orange Hair
Instagram @topknothairlounge

25. Funk Neon Orange Hair

Neon Orange Hair
Instagram @ashen1617

We’re always striving for the best look possible. It’s important to note that neon orange hair can be tricky to get right and maintain, so make sure to keep these tips in mind.

Care tips for Neon Orange Hair Color

  • First, orange typically goes best with warmer skin tones. However, don’t worry if you’re on the cooler side – as you saw there are plenty of variations that will look great on you. Just make sure to take your time when picking the best shade for you.
  • Second, neon orange hair is notoriously difficult to get right – bleaching and mixing colors in just the right way is no easy task. Although a DIY with a friend does sound fun and more budget-friendly, it’s best to splurge on a professional salon experience to make sure it looks perfect.
  • Third, this unique color is a commitment – the warm-toned pigment is more difficult to remove and the process required to achieve it can be damaging to your hair. But worry not! We have you covered with our best pro hair care tips to keep your gorgeous locks looking healthy and feeling great!

How to Keep Neon Orange Hair Healthy?

  • Wash your hair less frequently – Washing your hair less frequently not only preserves your cool new color for longer, but it keeps your hair with a happy pH balance.
  • Use colder water – When you do wash your hair – try using colder water. Heat opens up your hair cuticles and allows for your lovely neon color to fade faster. A cooler temperature will also add more shine!
  • Read the ingredients list – Pay special attention to your shampoo! Not only is it best to use products for color-treated hair, but their ingredients list makes a huge difference. Stay away from sulfates, as they can be damaging.
  • Ditch the heat – We know you want to try out all kinds of different styles with your fresh new doo, but try to opt for air drying your strands, instead of heat styling. Your hair will appreciate this gentler approach.
  • Protect your hair – If you do decide to heat style your hair – be sure to use a hair primer and a heat protectant. Set your tools on the lowest heat setting and limit using them to once a week.
  • Show your hair some extra TLC – Your hair deserves the best. Pamper yourself with nourishing conditioners, hair masks, and hair oils.

Now you know all the secrets to achieve this bright and beautiful look! So, what are you waiting for? Embrace your inner daredevil and go for neon orange hair!

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