13+ Best Online Jobs for Teens to Earn Extra Money

The work landscape has changed so much over the last few years and these days there are so many opportunities for your teens to make money.

Which is a good thing, but also comes with a word of caution – spam and trickery are also widespread and teens need to be more careful than ever when applying for online jobs.

If you and your friends counted on some hours at the grocery store during the weekend, summer vacation, or cutting the grass of the old lady next door, today’s teens take advantage of the online world and are doing great. From virtual assistant, mobile apps testing, to successful TikTok and Instagram influencers, and even business owners.

Yes, the digital world changed the game and there are kids younger than yours who are earning even more than you make in a year.

If you want a bit of help to find the best online jobs for teens, we have rounded up some options below.

They vary by the skills required, and also by the time commitment – make sure you discuss both of these with your teen to ensure it doesn’t interfere with his or her school duties.

13+ Best Online Jobs for Teens to Earn Extra Money

1.Complete Online Surveys

Believe it or not, there are tons of online surveys that will pay you to get your opinion.

This is how brands and companies are testing new products, campaigns, and ideas in order to offer more appealing services and products.

2. Watch Ads

For many of you ads while surfing online, or watching your favorite show is really annoying. But in a matter of fact, there are ways to get cash for watching these ads. The average salary for watching ads is starting from $2 to $10.

In some companies, you are getting a scratch card for each ad you have seen, where if you are lucky you can get up to $30.

Many of them are offering an extra bonus when you sign up, so you are getting between $5 to $10.

3. Review Products

In the era of online shopping and services, it is absolutely necessary for each brand and company to have enough reviews, and customer rank. This is how new clients are getting a better idea of whether the service or product is worth it.

Besides the extra cash, this online job offers free samples of products and super cool tools.

4. Play Games

The most desirable online jobs for teens definitely include playing online games.

Many of the platforms offer points rewards that you can cash after you get on a certain level.

5. Be a Virtual Assistant

Being a virtual assistant is a great way to get deeper into a certain field like marketing, research, finance, or accounting. It gives you great preparation for an internship and definitely is something that will give you some extra points to your CV.

Of course, you need to be prepared for multitasking, and an almost full-time job which makes it the best online job for your summer break.

13+ Best Online Jobs for Teens to Earn Extra Money

6. Sell Stock Photos

If your teen has a good eye through the camera this online job is a perfect choice. Moreover, you don’t have to invest in a professional camera. Nowadays all smartphones offer excellent conditions for taking quality photos.

Stock photo agencies pay between $0.10 to $2.24 per image for subscription-based purchases.

Of course, there is an option to earn more if you sell on-demand then you can get up to $99.50 on-demand sale.

7. Remote Customer Service

Being a remote customer service requires mostly patience, good communication skills, and not least excellent writing and verbal skills.

You shouldn’t forget that you will handle lots of customer inquiries, issues, and sometimes people can be a little ruth.

8. Test Mobile Apps

If your teen has a major computer and IT skills, this online job is something they will like and enjoy.

Tasting mobile apps are similar to website testing and help developers to build a more user-friendly app, with fewer bugs, and better functionality.

9. Manage Social Media

Yes, teens are so into social media. That is why managing social media is one of the coolest online jobs for teens.

You can easily train yourself online, and find different sources of information, and online classes where you can learn lots of hacks and become really good in this field.

10. Post on Online Forums

An online job for teens that is pretty similar to writing product reviews.

Yes, but you shouldn’t forget that many of the online forums are focused on particular niches and fields.

To start this online job you should have at least basic knowledge of the forum theme.

11. Brand Ambassador

Ideal online job for teens that have more followers online.

Many brands prefer to use this practice to become more popular in certain age niches.

Besides the free products you can get, as a brand ambassador, you can reward cards, extra discounts for the brand you work for, and of course to receive a commission for each purchase made through your profile.

12. Data Entry

An online job that is fairly to do, and doesn’t require special skills, except good internet connection, and average computer skills.

13. Test Websites

Testing different websites can increase a teen’s income from $4 to $10 per test.

This online job is pretty cool and doesn’t require special skills. The most important requirement is to know how to surf.

As a website tester, you will help different companies and brands to build a more user-friendly interface for their website. Something that has a key role nowadays when we spend almost 12 hrs surfing online.

The final salary depends on the test duration and specifications you should follow. For short website tests up to 5 minutes, you can get the minimum, while for 20 minutes test involving screen audio and video recording you can earn more.

14. Sell Old Books and Toys Online

One of the best online jobs for teens is selling old books, toys, and even used clothes.

This is a great income source especially at the end of the school year when you want to declutter your room bookshelves.

Many teens are offering even their old PlayStations, and Xbox consoles online.

15. Review Songs

If you love listening to music, here is the best way for you to earn some cash. There are platforms where you can listen to and review songs, movies, games, and different products.

Plus you can receive a subscription discount or a free sample of a product.

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