7 Pool Safety Tips to Keep Your Family Safe this Season

As the temperature starts to warm up, thoughts turn towards outdoor fun. Swimming pools are a great way to beat the heat and have some family fun, but pools can also be hazardous if not properly maintained or when amateur swimmers are not adequately supervised. So what steps can you take to stay safe this season?

Here are safety tips on keeping your family safe while enjoying the pool:

7 Pool Safety Tips to Keep Your Family Safe this Season

1. Check and Prepare Your Pool

If you have your own swimming pool at home, have it checked by a professional who can fix anything broken or not working correctly.

While you might think this is an unnecessary expense, you’ll feel better about using it knowing everything has been checked out. Plus, fixing something early will save you money in the long run and keep everyone safer too.

2. Practice Good Safety Habits Around the Pool

Swimming pools are not just confined to backyards anymore. Public places have them too, and that means even more opportunities for accidents to happen. Use a pool cover when the pool is not in use.

Familiarize yourself with posted safety rules of where you plan on swimming and stick to them religiously.  Not only will this make you feel safer when out and about, but it will also make sure that others around you are safe as well.

If there is no posted rule for what you should be doing, think of it this way: If someone could get hurt, don’t do it.

3. Apply Sunscreen

Sunburn hurts. It’s true, your kids will only be in the sun for a little while, but an hour is enough to make them uncomfortable if they are burned.

Make sure everyone has sunscreen on before they get out in the sun. Wear waterproof or water-resistant sunscreens, or better yet, bring some with you to apply at regular intervals during swimming time.

4. Supervise Your Kids Near the Pool

If there is one thing that is certain around pools, accidents happen quickly and without warning. Avoid being distracted by other tasks or chores, and always watch over children whenever they are near the water.

Even if your child knows how to swim, don’t assume they know everything about safety. Watch them closely and step in if there is any sign of trouble.

5. Watch for Chemicals in the Pool

Chemicals are an important part of keeping pools clean, safe, and sanitary. However, too many chemicals in the pool can be dangerous. If the water is cloudy or you notice it’s thick or slimy-looking, that could mean too many chemicals are present.

For your safety, get out of the water immediately until someone has checked it out. Even if you are not sure what caused the problem, getting out of the way is still a reasonable precaution to take if your family starts feeling ill after swimming.

6. Train for Emergencies

If you plan to swim in public pools this season, take time out to go through some potential emergencies. Learn CPR or how to help someone who is drowning.

It’s a good idea to learn the Heimlich maneuver too, just in case someone does swallow water and starts choking. Knowing how to stop bleeding from injuries will keep everyone safer, and it is also safer if you’ve had the proper training beforehand.

7. Keep a First Aid Kit Handy

You never know when you might need to take someone to the hospital for an injury, so keep a first aid kit handy just in case.

You can save yourself time and inconvenience by making sure your kit is ready before you ever go near the pool. The kit should include bandages, soap, towels, disinfectants, and essential medicines.

Make sure it’s stocked up and visible so that everyone knows where it is and how to use it if needed.


Keeping your family safe while enjoying the pool is a top priority. Make sure everyone knows what must be done to keep themselves out of trouble and do things that will be enjoyable, not dangerous.

If you have a pool at home or are going for a dip in a public pool, follow these tips and those from certified professionals about safety procedures you should take.

Following these simple rules will help make this summer fun and safe for everyone!

Julie Higgins
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