5 Practical Gift Ideas for a College Student

Is one of your family members or friends planning on going to college? Or, do you know someone already studying at one and cannot decide what to give them on a special occasion?

Well, we have you covered! This article will help you decide upon a great gift that is not only practical but also affordable and useful.

Here are some great gifting ideas:

1. NUC Computer

5 Practical Gift Ideas for a College Student

A NUC Computer or Next Unit of Computing is a superb gift idea. That is because college life simply demands it.

A student requires a PC for research, to complete assignments and presentations, and even for online classes. You might also need it to stay up to date regarding college events and seminars.

The NUC PC is also a great idea as it is portable and compact, so it fits into tiny spaces easily.

This device also comes in handy for entertainment purposes and is a thoughtful gift for a student with hectic college life. They can use this gadget to help unwind and relax by either gaming or watching a movie.

2. Carry Bag

Each and every student needs a strong and durable bag to carry books, stationery, and college essentials. They might also need one to bring their laptop or sports equipment with them to campus.

But, to gift them the ideal carry bag, we recommend that you first identify the kind of bag the college student actually needs. You can then go out and buy the correct size and color.

There are all kinds of bags for winter, spring, summer, and fall available in the market—ranging from different designs and styles. Pick one that is best suited to the student’s needs!

3. Coffee Maker

Everyone loves a good, warm cup of coffee in the morning. After all, it brightens up your day and freshens up your mind.

A coffee maker is a great gift idea for a student who lives alone and has no time to whip up a good breakfast. It is also perfect for mornings where a person is running late for classes—and we all know that will definitely happen on some days!

A coffee maker will cheer up anyone who loves their morning coffee and hates spending money on coffee every day. It is a simple, affordable, and warm solution to their breakfast problems!

4. Electric Kettle

Unlike a coffee maker suitable for only coffee lovers, an electric kettle works best for those who love their morning tea or hot chocolate.

An electric kettle is a great way to whip up English tea, green tea, black tea, and maybe even a warm cup of hot chocolate!

5. Lamp

Late night studying when a person is living with roommates becomes difficult when one is sleeping while the other needs to study.

A lamp is a unique and smart gift, and you can easily purchase one that best fits the needs of the student. A regular, simple lamp is great, but you can also opt for an LED desk lamp with digital functions.

You can even get one with rainbow lights or a lamp that plays music—the possibilities are endless!

Final Thoughts

When picking out a gift for a college student, understand that it should be unique and geared towards the personality of the person you are gifting.

You could pick anything, but if it is of no real use to the person you are gifting it to, then it could end up in a corner. So, do your research and maybe even ask a few questions to help decide the best gift possible!

Julie Higgins
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