How to Prepare Your First Child for a New Baby

It can be a great joy to welcome a new baby into the family. However, adding a new one can be challenging if you have an older child.

They may feel like they are losing their parent’s attention and may be jealous of the new addition. It can be difficult for parents to balance their attention between the two children.

However, you can easily navigate this transition by preparing your child for the new arrival. Here are some tips on how to get started:

How to Prepare Your First Child for a New Baby 1

1. Start Talking About It

Get your older child involved in the conversation about the new baby as much as possible. Talk to them about what it will be like when the baby arrives and how their life may change.

Ask for input on what names they like, which toys the baby might need, and any other questions you have. Depending on their age, they may have a lot of questions.

Answer them honestly and ensure they know things will be different but not necessarily bad. Mention how their family will grow and how much fun they’ll have with a new sibling.

2. Get Them Involved in the Preparation

Let your child help by picking out items for the baby or helping to organize the baby’s room. Give them age-appropriate tasks that make them feel involved and important.

You can also take them to appointments with you or have them help put together the crib. This will help your child familiarize themself with the new addition before it arrives.

The more involved your child is in the process, the more ownership they will feel and the less intimidated by the new baby.

3. Spend Quality Time With Your Older Child

When a newborn enters the picture, the older sibling may feel starved of attention and time with their parents.

To avoid this, schedule regular one-on-one time with your child while pregnant or after the baby arrives. This can be anything from reading a book together to playing a game or going for a walk. 

You also need to get them involved in activities involving the newborn so they can bond and take care of their siblings.

Whether it is a photoshoot session or storytelling, encourage your children to engage in activities they can enjoy. With a few tips for newborn photography, you can create the perfect moment for your children to bond. Just make sure you capture the moment and keep it as a souvenir.

4. Allow Your Older Child to Show Affection

Encourage your child to be affectionate with the baby, as this will help them form a bond with their sibling. Let them give hugs and kisses and help out during diaper changes or bath time.

Inviting them to join in on these activities will help create a strong connection between them and the baby. If you are worried about safety, make sure to be there to supervise.

Having a new baby in the home can be a significant adjustment for any family, especially for an older child, but with a few simple steps, you can help your firstborn transition smoothly into a new sibling relationship. Be patient, involve them in the preparation process, and build up quality time to ensure your family dynamic doesn’t suffer from the new addition.

With a little planning and compassion, you can set up your children for many years of bonding ahead.

Julie Higgins
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