Whimsical Unicorn Toys Your Kids Will Love

Everything is better with a Unicorn!


It is the most magical time of the year!

When you are free to believe in miracles, wishes are meant to come true, and all mythical creatures come to life.

Let the magic in your heart and do not forget the life could be bright and full of rainbows. In case you need a little more sparkle in your daily life, or just want to make someone smile, and jumping above the rainbow, there is a special whimsical unicorn toys selection for you.

Unicorn Wireless Headphones

Follow your inner sparkle, and show how special you are. You will hear your favorite music in a magical way with special unicorn headphones.

Wireless headphones adorned with crystals for the extra bling, unicorn horn, and ears on each side.

Get them here

unicorn toys for kids

Barbie Brush & Sparkle Unicorn

“All I want for Christmas is a Unicorn!”

Help Santa from the thousands of Christmas letters sent by little girls dreaming about a unicorn. Make her biggest dream come true with one click.

Get it here.

unicorn toys barbie

Unicorn Music Box

A box full with whimsical, magical dreams. It will give a sparkle touch to your little princess’s room.

Get it here.

unicorn toys music
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Mia the Unicorn

Awesomness, cutness, and a pinch of magic. This little creature easily fits in every little girl’s heart.

Get it here.

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Unicorn Stables

Chase the rainbows on the back of a unicorn.

Get it here.

unicorn toys 1
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Unicorn Sequin Backpack

Fill the bag with glitter and rainbows every day before you send your girl to school. Make her shine everywhere she goes.

This adorable sequin unicorn backpack will help them to store all their treasures while shining a bit of magic in everyday life. 

Get yours here.

unicorn backpacks for kids

Unicorn Water Bottle

“Always be yourself, unless you are a unicorn. Then always be a unicorn”. Your girl will be out of this world of happiness to create her own and unique water bottle with sparkling, glittering, and shiny unicorn elements.

Get yours here.

unicorn toys water bottle
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Unicorn Purse

Carry the magic in you! This glittering purse is made for the little fashionista that gives you the rainbow everytime she laughs.

Get it here.

unicorn toys purse
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Unicorn Bracelet

The day is better with a sparkling unicorn. Add a touch of magic to your wrist with this gorgeous silver-plated unicorn bracelet.

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unicorn toys for kids

Unicorn Friendship Bracelets

Wake up the individuality, the unique sense of art, and creativity of your kid. This set is more than perfect for whimsical, unicorn-inspired bracelets dedicated to friendship and love.

Get it here.

unicorn toys friendship bracelet
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Unicorn Stuffed Toy with Bag

Make sure the rainbow is always in your bag. A cute little stuffed unicorn toy with a bag will help you to remember in the whimsical magic of dreams.

Get it here.

unicorn toys bag
source: amazon.com

Unicorn Night Lamp

Sparkling, rainbow light for more whimsical atmosphere in your home.

Add a touch of magic to your work desk or kids table with this unicorn inspired table lamp.

Get it here.

unicorn toys for kids
unicorn toys
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